Lifestyle photography in Italy for Oppo by Alessandro Michelazzi Photography

Lifestyle commissioned by Oppo, third session

Posted on December 20th, 2022

This is the third part of the shooting I did for Oppo, with the Reno7 Pro (you can see the first part here, the second part at this link).
For this session, the request was for photos following the summer theme. I therefore organized the photo session in Tuscany at the white beaches of Rosignano: these beaches are characterized by having an extremely clear backdrop that almost recalls the Caribbean sea (although unfortunately it is not a natural phenomenon but due to the chemical agents released from the nearby Solvey factory).

The final images were used by Oppo for online marketing campaigns on the brand’s social networks.

Shots with Oppo Reno7 Pro

These are the photograph taken with the smartphone Oppo Reno7 Pro, just the jpg straight out from the device without any editing

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