Lifestyle shooting with a white horse commissioned by oppo for reno 7 pro

Lifestyle shooting commissioned by OPPO for Reno7 Pro.

I was contacted by OPPO to create a series of Lifestyle photo sessions with smartphone. In total there’s three themes that are selected by the client.

The focus is on the use of the OPPO Reno7 Pro Smartphone. The request is therefore to have photographs taken directly from the smartphone with the camera app and not retouched, and then to have some images taken with the photo camera where the model is seen using the device.

This first session had a theme related to the world of animals. So I thought of organizing this first session for OPPO using a white horse: I wanted to get some images where to play with the beauty of the horse and the female model I’ve selected.
In this case, I shot with Francesca, a model with whom I have worked in the past and I found myself very well. I really like Francesca’s spontaneous and clean smile and her long natural hair. I think with her look we created a nice overall image combined with the white horse.

We have chosen the clothing to create harmony with the colors and the right contrast in the images.

For the light I helped myself with a small reflective panel: one of the advantages of shooting with the smartphone is that you can use the second hand to correctly direct the light on the subject to illuminate the shadow.

Shot on Reno7 Pro Smartphone camera app

These are the shots I’ve taken directly with the Reno7 Pro smartphone camera app, the shots aren’t edited and just straight out from the phone.

Shots taken with the camera

These are the shots I’ve taken with the camera (for this session a Canon 5D Mk2 with the 28-70mm f/2.8) and edited in Capture One Pro.

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