Smartphone Photos Portfolio

Always believing in the potential of new technologies to achieve new expressive and communicative results, Alessandro Michelazzi immediately decided to experiment with smartphone photography from the first iPhone 3g.


Thanks to a series of published articles on a leading Italian online tech magazine, and international tech websites, in 2017 he became one of the official photographers and beta tester for OnePlus. The collaboration, which lasted a couple of years, saw the company commissioned a series of photographs that were later used during the company’s Keynotes and for marketing materials.


In 2022 Alessandro Michelazzi collaborated with Oppo, organising and shooting out three different lifestyle photo sessions to promote the Oppo Reno7 Pro smartphone: the final images were used on Oppo’s main social platforms.


In the last ten years, numerous reviews and tests of the latest smartphones have been published on the blog of this site.