A trip to Canada: review of Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung galaxy s6 photo camera review

A trip to Canada: review of Samsung Galaxy S6

Posted on Feb 4, 2016

Recently in October, I had the opportunity to be invited to Canada from my friend Igor, co-founder of MiniMax company. They are one of the sponsors of the Calgary Film Festival. I was in charge to take some photos during the closing ceremony (you can see the photos of the event at this link here).

Well, my trip there was, of course, a great moment to travel a bit around and discover the beautiful nature of Canada. So my main visit during those days was at Banff National park: it’s a very wide area that offers some amazing views over lakes (like Lake Louise) and unique ski resort places for winter sports.

During my trip there I was able to test the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and the camera. What to say about it? It’s an amazing device that offers a great display and a very solid construction. This, in fact, is the biggest point up compared to the previous generation, the Galaxy S5: the new Samsung Galaxy S6 device is all metal around with nice glass on front and back of the device.

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Recently I’ve covered the iPhone 6 camera photography (here the article) so is not a big mystery that I made the switch back from Android last year.

I’ve to admit that the Samsung Galaxy S6 camera is a very big step forward, even compared the already good one present in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The details on the photos are crisps, the colors always nice saturated but not too much overloaded, the HDR+ works incredibly well balancing the shadows and highlights.

So the question at this point could be: is it better than iPhone 6/6S? In my opinion yes.

Especially ’cause Samsung Galaxy S6 has optical image stabilization that excels in the night’s shoots. What I personally miss is the full synchronization of Apple iCloud services between all my other Mac products (iPad / MacBook Pro / iMac) so for this reason, I will stay stick to iPhone (at least at the moment! 😉 )

Here are my photos shoot during Canada’s trip with Samsung Galaxy S6. The photos haven’t been retouched, they are straight out of the camera.

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