Calgary Film Festival, photos from the closing ceremony

Calgary Film Festival

Calgary Film Festival, photos from the closing ceremony

Posted on Oct 14, 2015

I’ve been so lucky and proud to be invited by my friends Igor&Igor of MiniMax Group at the Calgary Film Festival. In this way, I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the special guests from the last gala’s evening.

I loved that night. First of a, l there was shown the best ten short movies selected by the festival jury: each of them had something unique, going from drama to irony, psychological introspection to sweet stories of everyday life.
The dress code and style of the night was thinking about the ’30ies years. I’ve to say that no one had disappointed with that: every guest had a particular and unique touch in the style of the evening that made the atmosphere inside the theatre so special.

So, thanks again MiniMax Group and the two Igor: with your invitation I had this wonderful opportunity to visit Calgary and Canada for the first time and meet some new and interesting people!
I’m sure that this is just an “arrivederci”: we will see together again the next year in Calgary for the Film Festival!!
Following, there’s a Selection of my favorite pictures of the night.

Let’s keep in touch!

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