Lifestyle photography for the winery in italy, Cantina Vallebelbo, Piemonte

Vallebelbo, lifestyle photo and video at the winery

Posted on December 20th, 2022

I publish here the result of a photo and video work I did for the Vallebelbo company in Piedmont region. We wanted to tell the story of place, the vineyards and the production of this important Italian winery.
Many times, no matter how well you organize everything, fate can get in the way. Thus, despite the drought that had gripped the place for months, on the very day that we had organized the lifestyle photo session with the two models, the weather decided to give us a nice abundant rain.
All the farmers were absolutely happy, myself a little less, as we had to organize the entire lifestyle part internally, still obtaining satisfactory results!

For this session I also used the drone for all the aerial shots: the landscape of this area is so majestic that it offers truly unique views with aerial viewpoints!

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