Professional Photographer view over Google Nexus 5 smartphone

professional photographer Nexus 5

Professional Photographer view over Google Nexus 5 smartphone

Posted on May 8, 2014

Here’s a gallery of photographs I’ve taken during almost three months of use of the Google Nexus 5.

Personally, I think that the Nexus 5 is the best Android device you can buy under the 350€ price tag and it’s having one of the best photo camera available on the market (at the time of writing, May 2014).

   I suggest you to give a look at the smartphone review page where you can find other articles about smartphone photography :

It’s sad to see that the first review on the camera wasn’t so pleased about it, the fault was mainly about the poor software of the Camera App that wasn’t so perfect.

With later Android 4.2.2 update almost all the faults were repaired and the camera app (recently updated with brand new design) works quite good.

From a professional photographer view, the strongest selling point of the Google Nexus 5 is the optical stabilizer and the excellent HDR+ mode.

I find that the implement of HDR done by Google is the best on the Android market at the moment I write (May 2014), even a bit better than the amazing one you can find on the new Galaxy S5 (you can read my opinion about it here). One of the advantages of the HDR+ (for this reason I suggest to leave it always on!) is that average even the noise: in this way you get good images with a little amount of noise in low light (for smartphone standard!).

Following a gallery of picture I’ve taken with Google Nexus 5

Note: some photo was slightly corrected with Curves and Tones directly on the Gallery App of Google: with advanced curves for every channel, local adjustments and clarity slider the Gallery App of Android KitKat 4.4.2 is for sure the best tool for professional photographers!

I will cover the editing with it in a future article.

   Note update: unluckily Google decided to change completly the gallery app in the recent Android version: it become Google Photo app with a more limited, or we can say user-friendly, features for editing the photos.

It has dropped down the curves editing tool, so, for this reason, I suggest you edit your smartphone photos with Snapseed, another free Google App, that implement the curves and many other corrections set for your photos!

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