Portrait and Fashion Photography in Florence by Alessandro Michelazzi

Portrait photography: session with Melika

Posted on Apr 14th, 2021

A fashionable portrait session in Florence

This was definitely a very fun photo session!

Melika is a young designer of Iranian origin who contacted me to take pictures to use on her social channels.

Her desire was therefore to create sets that told of the moments of the day with notes of irony and fashion and pop accents.

We took these photographs in Florence in a beautiful apartment in the historic center of the city. I only used the natural light present.

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Portrait photo session: technical notes

In the bedroom photographs, I had the idea of ​​using Flashes, but the natural light of the environment and the light from the bedside lamps gave the right atmosphere.

The images were taken with the Fujifilm X-T3 and X100T. This latest camera continues to produce truly fabulous images, I love its compactness and lightness on set.

I personally edited the images using Capture One Pro: I love the skin tone with this raw convertor and as a direction, I tried to give an “analog” look as if I were using a Kodak Portra film. On some images, I did some light beauty retouching in Photoshop.

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