Portrait photo test with three different mirrorless cameras

Alessandro Michelazzi Photography Croatia

Portrait photo test with three different mirrorless cameras

Posted on Apr 10, 2012 

With the occasion of a shooting day with Alina in Rovinj, Croatia I had the opportunity to test three different types of equipment: the Fuji x100, the Samsung Nx200 with 30mm f/2 and the Olympus Pen Epl-3 with the 17mm f/2.8 lens.

Those three cameras are just part of the new revolution in the digital fields.

They let you shoot with a pocketable camera but still, you can get great results.

My intention was to test that camera for a portrait set. All of three were up to the tasks. I found the Fuji to has the better colors and lens, but the worst autofocus; a lot of picture shooted with Fuji X100 where totally with missed focus.

The Fuji shoots were “boosted” in colors and contrast by a circular polarizer filter in front of the Fuji lens. I had a really good feeling shooting with the Samsung Nx-200: is a really solid camera and the 30mm f/2 shines in sharpness and details.

Olympus camera gave average medium results: I really don’t like the plastic feel of the camera and the menu aren’t user-friendly.

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