Portrait photo session with Paola, Shot on OnePlus 5T

Portrait Mode OnePlus 5t Photography

Portrait photo session with Paola, Shot on OnePlus 5T

Posted on Nov 24, 2017

In this photo session with Paola, I’ve focused more on the portraits, using the OnePlus portrait mode to explore the quality and the limits of the implementation inside the OnePlus 5T.

Let’s start to say an important thing, the portrait mode in the OnePlus 5T uses the wide angle and not anymore the telephoto lens. This is due to the change in the second camera compared to the OnePlus 5. As a result, to achieve the correct blur, you should get a bit closer to your subject.

I know there will be some photographers debating that to shot a proper portrait you should use the longer lens, and this is totally right. Although, there are some amazing photographers, and one of my favorites was Janloup Sieff, that used mainly in all this long career the wide lens to shot portrait and fashion images.

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