OnePlus 6T unbox and packaging

Let's have a look at the extras and welcome surprises inside the package!
The OnePlus 6t unbox

OnePlus 6T unbox and packaging

Posted on December 20th, 2022

So let’s have a look about the OnePlus 6T unbox and what’s inside the package! 

One of the first thing you will notice is that the package this time is a bit more white than red compared to the past. I think the decision was to change some parts to distinguish the new device from the previous one. 

New is also this red label in front of the OnePlus 6T package. Seams like a book’s wrapper and I’m sure that the idea was got from it: in fact, it’s written down the definition of OnePlus community.

The white package also has a sort of texture, look like a wall texture. I love the thin lines on the “6” numbers. This is an element of the “speed”, a concept that return for the OnePlus brand and we could notice also inside the Oxygen OS, for instance when we are going to enable/disable the Airplane mode. 

I love the attention to the details that are a constant for this brand as you can notice from the graphic design and the general package quality.

So let’s see what’s inside the package. Off-course the “main dish” is the OnePlus 6T smartphone (have a look here about all the features and photography tests) but here we are going to have a look also about the extras.

It seems that this time OnePlus want to put the emphasis on the community: we find under the device an invitation letter, written down by the OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau.

Let’s have a look about the other extras inside the package: we will get a transparent cover like the one that was present with the OnePlus 6, then with the charger, there’s the USB-C to Jack converter. This is cause the OnePlus 6T is the first smartphone to lose the audio Jack port. Honestly, the thing doesn’t matter for me so much since I’m using Bluetooth headphones already for some time.

I want to conclude the unboxing of the OnePlus 6T with a little surprise you will find inside the box: there are some new extra stickers!!

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