Marian, portrait photos in Florence. Shoot with Sigma 50mm and 35mm Art series.

Posted on Jun 14, 2015

When Marian contacted me to take pictures in Florence during her recent visit to Italy, on the day chosen for the photo session the weather showed unequivocally the possibility of rain. Heavy rain.

Despite all, Marian was enthusiastic about the idea of taking the photos with the rain and the reflections of the city lights on the wet floors.

We can look at the positive side of the story: the classical and crowded Florence in a usual afternoon was in this situation almost deserted; we had the chance to shoot without too many tourists around even if our journey was on the classical Florence’s places (Piazza Signoria, Uffizi, Via de Calzaiuoli).

From the technical side, I have used for the first time the new Sigma Art series lens: the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art and the Sigma 35mm f/ 1.4 Art.

Looking at the final picture I can say that I am positively surprised about both lenses: they have exceptional sharpness even at wide aperture, great speed, and accuracy when focusing.

Bokeh from both lenses is very pleasing, I can confirm all the positive reactions expressed on the web about the new Sigma Art series lens.

The only negative aspect to say is the weight of the lens, especially the 50mm: it’s a lens particularly heavy and large compared to the classic Canon 50mm f/1.4 even if it is a lens completely different especially in the build quality: Sigma lenses are solid and sturdy with a soft focus ring that recalls the classic manual focus lenses from the 70s.

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