Lg g4 photo camera review

LG G4 smartphone, my photographic test using the manual and .raw dng capture

Posted on Feb 19, 2016

I think the evolution of smartphone photography is quite amazing. In just some year we had phones with better and better camera. We can capture images with a quality that until some years ago only a professional reflex could achieve.
LG in this years pushed so much with their smartphone and it seems that the new device that will be presented next week (the LG G5) will be even better with dedicated external photography module (a sort of hand grip for photography and a 360º camera).
So here’s my test using the LG G4 a smartphone that is worth to get in consideration even now that the new one will be out to the market in some weeks. The reason is that in this moment the price is quite low compared to the new version and the device is very capable.

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Talking about the aesthetic of the device, I have to say that I’m not very impressed. Especially after I’ve tried and used the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. The back cover is supposed to be in real leather but in my hands, it looks and feels like a fake cheap one. The ergonomics of the device isn’t excellence. Compared to the LG G3 the device is a bit thicker and quite big for one hand usage (the monitor is about 5,5″).

Let’s talk about the photographic quality of the device: I start by saying that the device produces some really excellent photos. In addition, if you want to optimize even more the result, you are able to record .raw dng format with which bring out the best of the colors and sharpness.

Shooting in Auto mode, we can call it “point and shoot”, the smartphone occasionally misfires, failing to perfectly balance the white (photo yellowish). Sometimes also it creates problems in the exposition. Even the HDR mode is out of sight quality on Samsung devices where we are facing perhaps the best application of any smartphone (the only ones who manage to keep up with, are the Nexus devices with the HDR + mode).

Here some of my photos taken with LG G4 set to record .raw dng file. I’ve worked on the file later with Lightroom CC.
Part of the photos has been recorded in Tuscany and part during the Summer Workshop of photography in Croatia.

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