Hockerty, shooting in Florence for the brand at Pitti Uomo 100

Posted on Sept 8th, 2021

Photo shoot for Hockerty at Pitti Uomo in Florence

These photos are part of the shooting I did for the Hockerty brand at Pitti Uomo. It was a really fun session with Romain Clamron and Gianluca Ala who posed for these images.

The photos were all taken in natural light and I used the reflection of the sun on the glass windows somewhere inside Pitti Uomo as a natural reflective panel!

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Portrait photo session: technical notes

For the post production of these images I used a different approach than usual: instead of working on the .raw files with the usual software like Lightroom or Capture One Pro (usually my main choice), I used Fujifilm X RAW Studio software.

In practice, Fujifilm X RAW Studio is a graphical interface for PC or Mac that allows you to use the development algorithms included within Fujifilm cameras. In this way, the camera is used as a computational tool, which has always to be connected to the computer.

One of the positive aspects of this type of approach is to have a file that is already the same as I had taken during the shooting session. I can later decide to change a bit of adjustment on the lights or shadows, but in general, the emphasis shifts more to the shooting phase where I try to get the best possible balance already inside the camera.

One of the fundamental aspects that allows me now to use this approach, is the fact that I have recently expanded my Fujifilm “arsenal”with the X-Pro 3 and the Fujifilm X-T4. With these two cameras (unfortunately it’s not possible with the previous ones like the X-T3) it is possible to export a file in .Tiff format from X RAW Studio in order to preserve the maximum quality.

This type of approach, which I admit is not usable for every photographic sessions, allows me to have a more analogue approach, focused more on the moment of shooting and less on post-production phase.

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