fuji x100t photo color review

Fujifilm colors: first impressions with the X100T

Posted on Feb 3, 2015

I’ve always been a big fan of color photography. I am a lover of colors. I greatly admire those artists like Franco Fontana who created some beautiful pictures on the edge of abstraction using a deep and intense color palette.

I was also kind of lucky to have started taking pictures in the early 2000s when digital photography was not entering strongly on the market and taking film rolls was still a priority.

I remember my first color film shot with a Slide Color Film, the Fuji Sensia. And then I remember the legendary Slide Fuji Velvia and Fuji Provia.

   I suggest you to give a look at the review I did of the Fujifilm X100T after one year and half of usage (with almost 80+ photos!) and the review of the smaller sister of the Fujifilm X100T, the Fujifilm X70:

The Fuji Velvia was the choice almost mandatory to obtain images with high color saturation and strong contrast. With these two slide films, I recorded a photographic reportage in the beautiful island of Santorini in 2003. Unfortunately, about those photos, I still have very little saved ’cause I cannot find a lot of the negatives of my analogue period.

One of the reasons that prompted me to take the new Fuji X100T it’s the reputation of Fuji with the colors and the distinctive features of their X-Trans sensor, which adopts a different Bayer’s matrix compared to other manufacturers.

Combining this aspect with the excellent work done by Fuji in the digital simulation of the films, I can say that taking color photos with the Fuji X series camera is really exciting and in some way looking at the result I can have the feeling of being in front of a color analog slide.

In this series of images taken on a day with a clear sky, I used mainly the simulation of Velvia film, except for the portraits in which the colors appeared to be oversaturated especially in the face: this was also the case with the analogue slide so, for this reason, was almost always recommended to not take a portrait photo with the film Fuji Velvia film!

About the post-production work on the file: the photos were taken in .raw format and processed slightly in Lightroom. The program contains the panel “Camera Calibration” with the ability to use the color’s simulation as the original Fuji camera.

I’ve to say that I found these Adobe’s simulation profiles very similar to Fuji though not identical: in some cases, it seems to me that the Adobe profile has the blacks “too much deep” than the Fuji original profile. There’s also some difference in the final contrast of the picture. I think that the new profile “Classic Chrome” of Adobe is the closest to the Fuji counterpart!

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