Cuba, new re-developed photos from the 2009 trip

Cuba, New Re-Developed Photos From The 2009 trip

Cuba, new re-developed photos from the 2009 trip

Posted on Jun 1, 2014

Later this year, I was looking back the photos I’ve shot in Cuba in 2009.

Then I got the idea to re-developed a new series of 40 selected photos. It’s always nice to look back at some photos I took some years ago. In the years you change tastes, you improve skills, you learn new things but the photos you love and the ones that for you have a meaning doesn’t feel old. There’s always something to discover back from your past work!

   I suggest you to give a look at my personal work “Freedom” that I shoot during a Caribbean storm on the beach in Cuba:

The photos have been shot at the time with my first Canon, the 40D. I remember it as a great camera, the small resolution (compared to the actual time) of 10 Mpxl gave back excellent colors and a very nice dynamic range.
I’m still a bit repent I’ve sold it some years ago…

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