Blandin Delloye Florence Italy Street Cover

Blandin & Delloye, Street Style Fashion photography in Florence

Posted on July 24th, 2020

It took me some time to organize this post with the photos of this shooting I made for Blandin & Delloye brand in the period before the Covid crisis. The quarantine time was not a very creative period and all the ideas and emotions for the shootings had stopped. It was a reflective period about the future, this certainly. But the lack of opportunity to go out and take photos, trying new external visual emotions has influenced the creativity and productivity of many of us.

Blandin Delloye Florence Italy Street Fashion

From the return of the situation to a sort of normality in Italy, I have started to reorganise the previous materials and plan future activities (at the moment I am engaged in a series of shoots of which I can not yet publish anything about it).

The shooting I carried out with the Blandin & Delloye brand was very interesting in various aspects: I had to manage a group of people in the shots that are the brand managers and get street fashion images in the style of the shots that I usually take during Pitti Immagine Uomo.

Blandin Delloye Florence Italy Street Fashion

I have to say it was a very nice day and a nice atmosphere was created with the whole team. Certainly one of the highlights of the morning was the possibility of using an old glory, an English MG car with which to take pictures with the iconic views of the city of Florence.

Blandin Delloye Florence Italy Street Fashion with MG historic car
Blandin Delloye Florence Italy Street Fashion with MG historic car

Using the Fujifilm GFX 100 for street style fashion shooting

Another particular aspect of this shooting was the possibility to use, thanks to the sponsorship of Universo Foto, the Fujifilm GFX 100 medium format. It is not the first time that I use Fujifilm medium format camera (you can see the previous posts here), but it was the first time that I used the new 100Mp “monster”. I must say that the resolution as always for me is not the fundamental aspect, but more than anything else the ergonomics of the camera. Above all the presence of an excellent image stabiliser on the sensor that helps a lot in avoiding the shake and therefore make best express of the magnificent Fujifilm GF lenses! For the shots I’ve used the Fujinon GF 45mm and Fujinon GF 110mm lenses. The dynamic range of the camera is massive and it allows you to get perfectly balanced shot with a subject posing in the shade against a brighter background like in the photo below. I took all the photos in raw with the 16bit record option active.

For the post processing part, I am working on recreating a series of looks with a more analog footprint. As I said in some previous posts, I’m going back to also use analog film for a series of shooting (at the moment more personal works). My desire is therefore to obtain a uniform look between analog and digital production. In this Capture One Pro allows a great possibility of editing thanks to the use of levels, brightness curves and above all with truly surprising analog grain simulations.

Blandin Delloye Florence Italy Street Fashion

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