Street Photos of Rome shot with OnePlus 6T smartphone

Streets of Rome: shot with OnePlus 6T

Posted on Nov 7th, 2018

I want to share some photos I took around a month ago in Rome.

I was there for work but I got some hours free in the afternoon to walk around the city. I’ve been in Rome much time, and it’s always a pleasure to walk back there, especially when you find some new old streets that you’ve missed in a previous walking.


So after visiting an extraordinary exhibition of the master painter Canaletto, I found myself to walk in the streets behind Piazza Navona.

The light was still strong of an early autumn day and the colors were very intense. 


I’ve shot this photos with the OnePlus 6T and what was clear to me is that the company has changed something in the HDR algorithm. 


Compared to the OnePlus 6 (or what was HDR algorithm on the OP6 before the Oxygen 9.0.2) we can notice that now the photo keep much more details in the highlights and shadows. This is not always come as a welcome thing, since we can get some situation of over saturation or dull contrast. 

This seems to be on a pair of what you can notice on the Smart HDR on the new Apple iPhones that tends to get many details but lack of contrast in some situations.

There’s also some situation in which I honestly prefer the high contrast silhouette of the exposure done to the highlights that not the “enhanced” version of the HDR algorithm where the open shadow break down the poetry of the light. 


I haven’t edit the picture that you see in this post, but probably my personal taste would be to add a slight Curve Contrast tone and remove a bit of overall saturation. Let me know what you think about it!






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