Portrait shooting in Italy, Florence using natural light

Samantha, Portraits

An afternoon of light in early spring, a day of light with intense colors, and here is the situation I prefer to take pictures, especially portraits: I always look for days that can give me bright but natural colors, where I can play with the contrast of the lights and shadows.

Samantha’s photos were taken in a green area above Florence, I really like looking for these places that are so close to the city but at the same time create a different shooting situation compared to the city.

For post production I used the development through the Fujifilm X Raw studio software: this is an application that uses the Fujifilm camera as the compute unit to develop the photos.

I find this way of working like an “analog” approach that makes me take full advantage of the film simulations included in Fujifilm cameras but with the advantage of being able to save the files in .tiff format. In this way I can possibly do some further small additional editing (for an additional balance of lights and shadows ).

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