Last update: 03/1/2019

OnePlus 6T Camera Review

All about the OnePlus 6T camera

Note: this page is constantly updated with new photos as the review is getting done. Bookmark the page and remember to visit it again!

OnePlus 6T Camera Tech specs

Main Camera

Sensor Sony Exmor IMX519
Sensor Size 1/2.5”, Pixel Dimension: 1.22μm
Resolution 16 MP
Optical Image Stabilisation Yes
Special Features -

Secondary Camera

Sensor Sony Exmor IMX376K
Sensor Size 1/2.7″ Pixel Dimension: 1,0 um
Resolution 20 MP
Optical Image Stabilisation No
Special Features -

OnePlus 6T Real World Photo gallery

Note: all the photos in the following gallery are shot with the standard photo camera App of the smartphone. I shot the images in JPG and the photos haven’t been edited. Some photos with the watermark in the bottom left corner are full resolution out of the device, so you can zoom in to judge the quality. 

My opinion about the OnePlus 6T camera

I found the OnePlus 6T camera to be very valid for the everyday shooting condition. In particular, the camera excels in the difficult light situations as high contrasts. The new HDR algorithm of the camera works quite well and is able to achieve some great shots. The colors are sometimes a bit too punchy especially on some HDR shots and need a bit of edit to “calm” them. The general noise and sharpness are very good. Details aren’t smudged out like in the past. I don’t like the automatic “Studio Lighting” applied to the photos and the Nightscape mode need some extra tuning from OnePlus to get it works properly.

Talking about the hardware, I found the OnePlus 6T the best Android phone you can buy now: from the screen to the incredible battery life to the perfect Android experience of the Oxygen OS that overpass the stock Google Android.

Notes / Features in the OnePlus 6T stock camera

  • Portrait Mode
  • Night Mode called “Nightscape”
  • Video up to 4K in 60 FPS
  • Slow motion video: 1080p 240Fps, 720p 480fps
  • Pro mode with manual camera control of ISO, WB, Shutter Speed, Focus distance. Raw capture in .dng format
  • Time Lapse up to 1080P
  • Panorama

AM Mark: OnePlus 6T

AM MARK is my strictly personal mark system to judge the quality of the smartphone camera. I take into consideration some parameters that are for me important when using a smartphone to take the photos and when looking at the quality of the final results.
AM MARK is based only on personal thought through real-world photos: there are no MDF charts shots or technical pixel peeping on laboratory tests.

Note: AM MARK starts from lower points compared to other marks you can find around on the web: if I’ll give an overall 100% to a certain voice it will be impossible to get even better.

Color Science0%
White Balance0%
HDR Quality0%
Night photo quality0%
Noise Reduction artifacts0%
Portrait mode: bokeh blur and mask quality 0%
Raw File Quality0%
Own Gallery Photo Managment0%
Extra camera features0%
Overall Device (design, screen, battery, OS user experience)0%