pitti uomo firenze winter edition

Portraits from 89th Pitti Immagine Uomo Firenze

Posted on Jan 26, 2016

Pitti Uomo in Firenze is always a great occasion to meet some interesting people and get back home with some nice and colorful pictures!

This winter season, for the 89 Pitti edition I had also a guest from Germany, the designer Beata Baumgartner with her brand “Baumondi“. Together we are setting an important collaboration dealing all the aspect of the photo/video and graphic communication.

So she was very pleased to be able to meet Mr. Scott Schuman aka “The Sartorialist” and take a picture with him as well!

I’m so glad to have met again nice and familiar faces for Pitti Uomo as Mr.Defustel and to meet the redactor of Japanese magazine Men’s Ex!

Talking technically about the photos: I’ve used the loved and comfortable Fuji X100T with the TCL-X100 teleconverter for some pictures of close portraits.

Yes, is the same combination that I’ve used exactly last year for the previous winter edition of Pitti Uomo.

I’ve appreciated more and more this amazing combination: the X100T itself with the 23m f/2.0 (equivalent to 35mm on full frame) offers a great lens for wider portrait when you want to show a bit more the place around. Then the TCL-X100 teleconverter let you focus more on the portrait like a real 50mm.

There’s a little side down with the autofocus speed, but that I would say is just a bit the weak point of the amazing small Fuji camera, but honestly, for my type of work I never had a problem about it.

Here are my pictures I took during the Pitti Immagine Uomo, 89th edition!

   I suggest you to give a look at the other blog post where I’ve used the Fujifilm TCL-X100 teleconvert on the X100 series camera:

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