Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max | Wide Lens | Edited using custom Preset in Lightroom CC

Photo session with iPhone and Apple ProRAW: custom presets for Lightroom

Posted on May 3rd, 2021

Testing custom color preset in Lightroom

I want to share with you this photo session that I did with the model Alena in Florence.
It was a session in which I wanted to once again experiment with the hybrid approach, taking both analog and digital photographs, in this case using the iPhone 12 Max Pro.

The opportunity was given by the fact that I once again wanted to have photographic material on which to use my color profiles and presets for development with Lightroom.

  I suggest you to give a look at the “Portraits” category: you can find other inspirational photosession shot in Italy and aboard with useful backstages, tips and suggestions!

Using Apple ProRAW for the shooting session

In fact, these preset contain color profiles that I recreated by hand using the X-Rite color chart and professional software to create a correct calibration for files taken with iPhone 12 Pro with Apple ProRAW.

The rendering of these profiles of mine is more photographic: it removes that effect of compensation and mellowness of the mid-tones that are usually obtained with the standard rendering of the Apple ProRAW file.

Using Apple ProRAW for the shooting session

In one of the next blog posts, I will explain the differences between my profiles and color presets for development in Lightroom and the default ones found within the Adobe program.

The photos were all taken with iPhone 12 Max Pro using the Apple ProRAW recording format. I mainly used the Wide lens and the Telephoto lens which I think are the best for this kind of portrait/fashion photography. Personally, I use very little, almost never the Ultra-Wide lens, so I am happy with Apple’s choice to equip this device with an excellent telephoto lens corresponding to a 65mm.

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