OnePlus 7T Pro Photo Camera Review By Professional Photographer

OnePlus 7T Pro Camera Review

Posted on Oct 29th, 2019
Updated on Nov 27th, 2020

OnePlus 7T Pro Complete Camera specifications

Wide Lens Camera (Main 1x Mode)

Sensor Sony Exmor IMX586
Sensor Size 1/2”, Pixel Dimension: 0.8μm /1.6 μm with Pixel Binning
Resolution 48 Mp | 12 Mp when used in the Standard mode with OnePlus Camera App
Focal Lenth Equivalent 26 mm
Maximum f/ aperture f/1,6
Optical Image Stabilisation Yes
Possible to save raw file Yes
Working in Night Mode Yes
Working for Portrait Mode Yes
Special Features Pixel Binning, Super Macro Mode

Ultra Wide Lens Camera (0.6x Mode)

Sensor (UnKnown)
Sensor Size (UnKnown)
Resolution 16 Mp
Focal Lenth Equivalent 17 mm
Maximum f/ aperture f/2,2
Optical Image Stabilisation No
Possible to save raw file No
Working in Night Mode Yes
Working for Portrait Mode No
Special Features Super Macro Mode

Telephoto Lens Camera (3X Mode)

Sensor (UnKnown)
Sensor Size (UnKnown)
Resolution 8 Mp
Focal Lenth Equivalent 78 mm
Maximum f/ aperture f/2,4
Optical Image Stabilisation Yes
Possible to save raw file No
Working in Night Mode No
Working for Portrait Mode Yes
Special Features Super Macro Mode

   I wish to thanks my friends at, one of the biggest italian tech magazine to provide me the OnePlus 7T Pro Mclaren and Standard edition for this test.

OnePlus 7T Pro Real World Photo gallery

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My opinion about the OnePlus 7T Pro

The OnePlus 7T Pro camera has a good performance at all focal lengths in the presence of good light. I sometimes found the contrast and saturation perhaps a little too strong (which I like) and may not satisfy some photographer who prefers to have a more “flat” image to be possibly slightly post-produced later.

The color and contrast in the transition between ultra-wide and wide-angle lenses are fairly even though not always perfect. I have noticed that the telephoto lens has many times or a greater contrast or a cooler white balance.

OnePlus 7T Pro photo quality at night

The situation, unfortunately, worsens in night situations. I noticed that the telephoto lens tends to have a colder balance with a duller final color that does not make the intensity of the yellow/blue colors that I found in the night streets in Florence.

Photos taken at night with the ultra-wide lens, due to its smaller aperture at f / 2.2, exhibit less clarity and detail due to the more noise-suppressing algorithms. Activating the “Nightscape” night mode I did not find great benefits, indeed, I find that the balance of the lights in the final image is somewhat artificial and unrealistic.

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The issue was different when I activated the “Long Exposure on Tripod” feature (you can find it in the camera options): using a small tripod I managed to get a well-balanced image in the lights and colors during the dawn in Florence.

OnePlus 7T Pro Photo Camera Review By Professional Photographer

The main wide-angle lens can instead achieve higher quality shots (without using the Nightscape mode) thanks to its maximum aperture of f / 1.65 which allows you to bring more light and therefore having to raise fewer ISOs resulting in less final digital noise. In general, therefore, I recommend using the main lens without Nightscape for night shots, while you can try using Nightscape by coupling a tripod.

OnePlus 7T Pro front facing camera

The front camera, in addition to the “scenographic” effect of its retractable opening, offers good quality photos with 16 Mp resolution, and in this case, with quite neutral colors and a reduced contrast compared to the photos taken with the main cameras on the back.

OnePlus 7T Pro, shooting in Pro Mode and Raw files

From the photographic point of view, I find it disappointing that the OnePlus camera app can save the raw files only when using the Pro mode. In this mode, we also lose the use of wide-angle and telephoto focal lengths. The final .raw shot from the OnePlus Camera App has a noticeable vignetting, which is corrected when shooting in .raw with the GCam app.

Another thing to keep in mind is that although the main sensor is 48 Mp, there is no possibility to save the raw file in that resolution but only in jpg version.

The devil is in the details

We need to understand what the manufacturer’s choice is concerning the target of his camera. In the case of OnePlus it seems that this target is only the photos for social sharing because, as long as the images are viewed on the phone monitor, they are always very bright and with vibrant colors (thanks also to the excellent display on this OnePlus 7T Pro ).

The problems arise, however, when we go to zoom in on the photographs: we will notice that the details are always a bit “washed out” with one that we often define the “watercolor” effect given by the noise reduction + unsharp mask algorithms to recover the sharpness lost in the cleaning phase.

Consequently, if the target of your photos will be (as unfortunately 90% of the cases) only the social networks it will not be a big problem. However, if you are looking for a device to take pictures while traveling so that you can then make medium / large prints, I cannot recommend this device as a replacement for a good camera.

Notes / Unique Features of the OnePlus 7T Pro Camera

  • Camera System with three lenses.
  • Ultra Wide Angle Lens / Wide Angle Lens (Main Camera) / Lens Tele Lens.
  • Macro mode up to 2.5cm.
  • Super stable mode for videos.

Shooting modes on the OnePlus 7T Pro Camera

  • Photo mode with Ultra Wide Angle, Wide Angle, Telephoto lenses.
  • Portrait Mode with Wide and Tele Lens.
  • Nightscape Night Mode with Ultra Wide Angle and Wide Angle lenses.
  • Video Mode: Ultra Wide Angle, Wide Angle, Tele Lens at 1080P 30FPS. Wide angle, Tele lens at 1080 60FPS, 4k and 4k 60fps.
  • Super stable video mode only works at 1080p and uses only the cropped wide camera.
  • Pro mode with manual exposure of ISO, color temperature, exposure time, focus and exposure compensation. Ability to enable Raw shooting and 48 Megapixel Jpg shooting (working only with the main 1x camera). There is no possibility to get the 48 Megapixel raw from the sensor.
  • TimeLapse mode up to maximum 1080P resolution.
  • Panorama Mode.
  • Slow-Motion mode: 240FPS in 1080p, 480FPS in 720P.

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition Hardware opinion

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren is an excellently built device. Surely the aspect that struck me most was the display: in addition to the 90hz that gives fluidity to all the movements and swipe in the interface, the resolution of 3120×1440 and an excellent color rendering make this display a feast for the eyes. I also think that the curved display at the edges is very nice even if unfortunately it makes it look like the competition from Samsung and hence the difficulty in making this device a little more “original” when you look at it frontally.

Unlocking with the digital import under the screen has improved a lot compared to the previous generation mounted on the OnePlus 6T although occasionally some hesitation remains if the thumb is not placed in the correct position.

Speaking of the aesthetic aspect of OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren I have some discordant opinions: I love for example the Papaya orange accents placed in the lower part of the back of the device and on the balance wheel to switch between the On / Off / Silent mode. But I am not particularly impressed by the pattern drawn on the back with this organic motif / of abstract waves that should recall the concept of speed and strength. From my point of view, I preferred a design more inherent in the world of racing and competitions.

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition Hardware opinion

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren comes with Android 10 on board, the latest version of Google’s operating system with the custom OnePlus Oxygen OS interface. Is preloaded a theme with some Black / Orange accents that reflect the McLaren motif. There is also a selection of very beautiful and colorful wallpapers that reflects the Orange McLaren brand.

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition Battery life

I found the battery life on the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition to be very satisfying. I managed to do a full day of 15 hours with medium / intense use in which I took many photographs, communication on social networks, active Bluetooth connection for the transfer of about 350 photos from my Fujifilm camera.

Extra elements

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren comes in its packaging with a 30Watt Super Fast charger and a custom Mclaren Plastic and Alcantara cover.
Speaking of the cover, I must say that while the Alcantara finish is very pleasant to the touch, the plastic part that incorporates a graphic carbon pattern is smooth and does not have that extra grip and soft tactile feel, such as is found on the official covers of Apple for iPhone.

OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro what are the differences?

If you wonder what the differences are between the new OnePlus 7T Pro and the previous OnePlus 7 Pro model presented in May of 2019, well, it must be said that at the photographic level they are the same! There is only a small difference given by the lens stacking (thanks to @otto2_eu for the info) group that allows the new OnePlus 7T Pro Super Macro mode with all the focal lengths available.

The other differences are negligible as the T version now has a slightly larger battery (4085mAh against the 4000mAh of the previous model) a slightly higher performance processor (Snapdragon 855+ while on the previous one there is Snapdragon 855) and the addition of the super Macro mode.

The McLaren edition, compared to the “Standard” version of OnePlus 7T Pro, has more Ram (12 GB compared to the 8 GB of the Standard version) and of course a different design, different form and content of the packaging compared to the Standard version.

Where to buy OnePlus 7T Pro?

You can buy the OnePlus 7T Pro from OnePlus official store. In this way you’re sure to get the official warranty support from OnePlus.

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