OnePlus 6t: real-world photo sample

Different light situations shot with the OnePlus 6t.
Real world photo sample in daylight shot with OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6t: real-world photo sample

Posted on December 20th, 2022

In this blog post, I want to share some of the photos I’ve taken in the last two months, using the OnePlus 6T. As I’ve mentioned in the previous posts, I was honored to be again selected as photographer partner for OnePlus to shot the sample images for the launch of the new device. 

There are mainly photos I’ve shot with a different light conditions and without any edit.

OnePlus 6T camera is honestly and evolution and not a revolution from the OnePlus 6 (you can read the camera review of OnePlus 6 here). So on the hardware side, there are not so many new specs, the main sensors are the same and there’s still the optical image stabilization. 

OnePlus has work to optimize the algorithm of the HDR capture and has some new features as the Nightscape and Studio Lighting  that I’m going to cover more in future posts.

The colors out of the OnePlus 6T, even without any post-processing, are vivid and intense. I suggest leaving the HDR set as “automatic”. The camera will understand when to activate and when to disable. 

Here with the following examples, I want to show the differences that you can notice with the HDR on and off. 

HDR is something that we have from a very long time (here is the review of the good-old Google Nexus 5 with the first Google’s HDR+ algorithm) and we know that can help a lot in the high contrast scene.

Although, my suggestion in these high contrast scene is to judge photo by photo the use of the HDR. 

The example is the backlight with the sky and sun: using the HDR we get a too artificial result and in my opinion, I prefer the first picture where the HDR was set to OFF.

On the other example, you can notice also the differences using or not the HDR function. Someone will prefer an higher contrast photo someone the more detailed one from the HDR shot. 

Some other photos shot during a nice sunny day in the city of Assisi. I love this stair and stone pattern, so I’ve decided to focus on the composition to achieve the following shots. 

For this last picture, the HDR mode On gave me the possibility to balance correctly the sky and the red autumn colors of the leaf. 

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