OnePlus 6T: first portrait session

Portrait session with the new OnePlus 6T smartphone camera
OnePlus6t Portrait Session

OnePlus 6T: first portrait session

Posted on Oct 29th, 2018

Here’s my first portrait session I’ve shot with the OnePlus 6T this summer. 

As you may know, for some years I’m collaborating with OnePlus as a photographer for the samples “Shot On OnePlus”.

This gave me the opportunity to try the new device some months before the release and try to squeeze out some good photos with the new camera.

For me is always a challenge since I’m trying to focus more on the artistic approach than on the technology. The camera is always a tool but is your vision that is doing the difference!

Although there’s no doubt, these amazing small devices that fit inside our pockets are getting better and better in every iteration!

This portrait session has been shot just with natural light during a quite hard sunny day of summer: my goal was to achieve some strong highlight and shadow.

I want to notice that the photos where you see the white rocks were actually…. a river that was totally dry during the Italian hot summer days!

Quite unusual but cool location to shot some pictures with the new OnePlus 6T camera!

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