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This is what a modern smartphone can do: raw dng shooting and review of the OnePlus One!

Posted on Jan 26, 2015

It’s amazing what you can do photographically with a smartphone nowadays.

Thinking that the first iPhone has been presented only eight years ago, the evolution of these devices has been phenomenal: the screens got bigger and bigger, processors have become faster and faster, the interfaces and operating systems grew rich in functionalities.

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Until a few years ago Apple was almost the only player on the smartphone market but this market’s advantage changed in recent years thanks to Android smartphones that grown a lot in the terms of hardware and software.

I will not open here a war about which operating system is the best, I’m just showing that also on the Android platform you can find excellent terminals with great price point!

In this case, I was able to try the Android smartphone OnePlus One. The device is unique both in the choices of hardware and software (it uses the CyanogenMod Android version which is a highly customizable version of Android) and in purchasing choices and prices.

The phone is very affordable: it costs 299 € for the  64gbyte version. Only one problem: you can buy it only by invitation (at least at the moment of writing).

One of the greatest features of this device is that we can, for one of the first time, to take pictures in .raw DNG format!! Yes, you read it, photographers!!

You can finally have a device that acts as a phone, as a satellite navigator, as a music player and also as a high-level compact camera!

We know all the advantages we have when shooting in .raw format: we can precisely adjust the color temperature, improve the sharpness of the files, clean the noise (that is always present in the very small sensors of the smartphones), work on the colors and on the recovery of lights, open the shadows and so on .

Here below a gallery of images taken with the smartphone OnePlus One set to capture .raw dng photos (you set this option in the setting of the photo camera app). The files were then transferred to the computer and processed with Adobe Lightroom .

The images that I took make you understand the general quality that you can get from a modern smartphone when you enable the .raw capture (please Apple, implements this option in iOS 9 !!!)

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