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Keukenhof and Kinderdijk, two beautiful parks in the Netherlands

Posted on Jun 7, 2016

In this post, I want to focus on two places I’ve visited during my recent trip to the Netherlands: the park of Keukenhof and the windmills area of Kinderdijk.

I’ve been already in both the places in the past but it has been many years ago, so was nice to come back to see them again. The park of Keukenhof is famous worldwide for one of the biggest exhibition of flowers that you can see in a place. The park is also opened only three months in the year so spring is the right moment to go for a visit.

Kinderdijk, located just under Rotterdam, is a magical place where you can walk through the water canals and admire the famous windmills. I truly admire this place!  I took a black and white picture in 2005 that is still hanging on top of my bed.

Camera:Fujifilm X-Pro 2, X-T1 and X100T
Lens: 10-24mm f/4, 56mm f/1.2

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