Portrait Mode OnePlus 5t Vs iPhone X

iPhone X vs OnePlus 5T portrait mode

Posted on Mar 24, 2018

With this new blog post, I want to compare one of the most interesting (and useful) features that we can find on the last smartphones: the portrait mode.

   I suggest you to give a look at the analysis I wrote how the portrait mode works on the Google Pixel 2 smartphone:

On the photos below you will find the comparison of the portrait mode shot on the OnePlus 5T and on the iPhone X. Both the devices feature a dual lens setup to be able to achieve the portrait mode effect.

I shot the following photos during the last edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence. It’s always a great moment to shot with some of the most stylish people!

Let’s see how the OnePlus 5T and the iPhone X deal with the portrait mode!

Portrait Mode OnePlus 5t Vs iPhone X
Detail Portrait Mode OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X

On the first shot, we can notice the first important difference of approach with the portrait mode between the devices: the OnePlus 5T use the wide lens to get the portrait done, while the iPhone X uses the telephoto lens.

We can debate the fact that usually, the telephoto lens is a better chose when shooting a portrait (and in general I agree with it).

We can also say that using the wide lens with the portrait mode, we can achieve some interesting shot. We are not so much used to see wide photos with less depth of field (the out of focus area behind and in front of the subject) even on the big sensor camera!

Looking at the photos I prefer more the color balance of the OnePlus 5T but the iPhone X has more details in this shot: this is something I’ve already noticed on the lowlight shooting test I did. The OnePlus 5T suffer a bit more on lowlight shots as this one.

Portrait Mode OnePlus 5t Vs iPhone X
Detail Portrait Mode OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X

On this second shot, we can notice again the slight difference in the focal lens and the difference in the exposure: the OnePlus 5T use ISO 800 while the iPhone X uses ISO 160.

Looking at the details I can’t say there are so many differences between the two shots.

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Portrait Mode OnePlus 5t Vs iPhone X
Detail Portrait Mode OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X

On the third shot above, on the direct sunlight, we can notice a difference between the two cameras: the OnePlus 5t give back a very natural exposed shot with some good colors and a nice skin tone.

On the same direct sunlight situation, the iPhone X shows one of the faults I’ve noticed also on the first iPhone 8 test (the smartphones shares the same sensors) I did back in October: the skin tones become dull with a weird orange cast saturation on direct sunlight exposure.

Portrait Mode OnePlus 5t Vs iPhone X
Detail Portrait Mode OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X

On the last shot of the comparison, my preference goes to the OnePlus 5t photos on the left.

My personal tastes are for a bit colder color balance so I prefer the OnePlus shot compared to the warmer iPhone X photo.

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  • Giovana
    Posted at 05:51h, 30 March Reply

    Thank you for the great comparison! This one, as well as your previous reviews and comparisons, helped me settle my doubts.
    I was quite apprehensive about getting the OnePlus 5T, since so many reviewers bashed its cameras…
    Yet, its hardware is so impressive, and its price is very consumer-friendly.
    It seems that, with some patience and know-how, the 5T is able to produce impressive shots.
    I feel like I made a good decision. 🙂

    • Alessandro Michelazzi
      Posted at 09:54h, 31 March Reply

      Thanks Giovana! My test want to be objective and give a point of view from a professional photographer. I’m happy if I give you a correct advice selecting the new phone!:)

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