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Hiroshi Sugimoto in Florence for the film festival “Lo schermo dell’arte”

Posted on Nov 18, 2013

This Friday I had the opportunity to know more deeply the work of the master Hiroshi Sugimoto.

Describe Sugimoto as a photographer is an understatement because the Japanese master has been applied to many fields ranging from photography to architecture, through sculpture and drawing.

During the film festival “Lo schermo dell’Arte” in Florence, Sugimoto was present with a documentary about himself. During the evening it was possible to admire his production and the way in which it operates to produce his works of art.

What has attracted most of my attention was his series related to electricity: Sugimoto has created some images in which he captures an electrical discharge creating something purely abstract. It is not, therefore, a photograph in the strict sense, but a work that stops on a support a light beam.

In the documentary was very interesting to see the parallels with the early days of photography and the photographic method of Talbot, the English author who is credited the invention of photography (with French inventor Daguerre): the first images of Talbot were the “photographic drawings ” made by simply placing a leaf on a piece of photographic paper and thus obtaining the design of the shape of its structure.

I was also impressed by the work ” Seascape ” with which the author deals with the theme of memory and remembrance, going to look inside himself for the first picture that keeps track, in this case, the sea.

Present in Florence during the evening, Mr. Sugimoto has not escaped to the audience, exchanging jokes, smiles and handshakes.

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