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Google Pixel 2 sample photo gallery: from the Alps with Love

Posted on Feb 3, 2018

The winter holiday season is a period in which usually I have a bit more time to relax. I love the mountain and I love to ski. So this year, thanks to the amazing amount of snow that was fallen from November, we decided to go one week on the Alps.
What the best situation to get some photos to create this Google Pixel 2 sample photo gallery!

The Google Pixel 2 sample photo gallery

Following my previous post in which I’ve covered more, in general, the hardware and features of the Google Pixel 2 camera, in this post I want to focus more on photography.

Shooting on the snow is always quite challenging for the camera: the exposure balance has to be corrected to not obtain a gray look of the snow, but on the same time it would be great to now lose the details on the highlight, those that contribute to give the texture of the snow.

I remember that one of the old masters of photography, Ansel Adams, the one that created the exposure zone system to be able to achieve the correct exposure using analogue film plates, used to underexpose slightly the snow to be able to record all the texture and details on the snow.

Today, thanks to the new digital algorithm as the Google HDR+ we are able to get perfect exposure with amazing details, especially on these highlights. Look at the following Google Pixel 2 sample photo gallery to have a look at it.

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Shooting on the iconic Braies lake

There was one place that we want to visit since a long time: the Brais lake in the Alps. This place is well known for years but got even more exposure thanks to Instagram. It seems in fact to be one of the most photographed lakes in the world, together with the amazing Lake Louise in Banff national park – Canada, that I’ve visited back in 2015 (reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S6).

The Brais lake offers an amazing view: the lake is surrounded by the imposing Alps mountains. One thing to consider although, is that in this season, the lake is totally frozen. So you can’t photograph his beautiful greenish water surface. At the same time, you can have the unique experience to walk on it! 🙂

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Google Pixel 2 highlights vs OnePlus 5T

My curiosity was to test the Google Pixel 2 vs the OnePlus 5t, to see if there are some differences in the hdr algorithm that the companies use. Zooming at the details I can say that yes, the Google Pixel 2 has a clear advantage to record more highlights with texture details compared to the OnePlus 5t.

Google Pixel 2 vs One Plus 5t details
On the left the picture shot with the Google Pixel 2, on the right the OnePlus 5t. As you can notice, on the Google Pixel 2 we have more details in the snow highlight.
Google Pixel 2 vs One Plus 5t details
On the left the picture shot with the Google Pixel 2, on the right the OnePlus 5t. Even if the OnePlus 5t has a resolution advantage, the Google Pixel 2 shows more details. However, on the Google Pixel 2 we can notice a bit more noise on the flat surfaces as the sky.

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