Fashion photography in with the canals for LoveFur

Fashion and Lifestyle through the Amsterdam canals

Posted on December 20th, 2022

I’m posting a work done this summer in Amsterdam for the LoveFur winter campaign. It was a great project because we had the opportunity to shoot with the two models on a boat and go through the iconic canals of Amsterdam!

The hardest part was to use the framing correctly: not being able to move, I had to wait until we were in the right spot for both the background and the light. One of the most difficult aspects was certainly the control of the sunlight, given that we found an (unexpected!) hot day at the end of August in Amsterdam.

We also shot along some roads, getting off the boat where we saw that there were interesting views and elements that could work well.

During the shooting I alternated the photographic part with video shooting, thus obtaining some Reels for Instagram for the brand.

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