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A photographic trip through Italy, Part II

Posted on Sep 7, 2017

Following the first part of the post (you can read it here) I’m going on with the photographic trip through Italy

Matera: the stone city

If there’s something unusual that has overpassed my best expectations during the trip, this place has been Matera. There’s no a city like this one anywhere else! Imagine a place built of stone, with a unique landscape trademark. This is Matera. I hope my photos can give you a bit the feeling of this unique place!

A night in Locorotondo

Going away from Matera, we’ve passed the night in the city of Locorotondo. Here are some photos from the short visit to the city.

The Amalfi coast

There was a place in my list of the Italian’s beauty I was missing: the Amalfi coast. So this trip around the center and south of Italy was the right occasion to go.
First of all, my initial experience wasn’t so relaxing. Yes, I wasn’t preparing or I had no idea what was to go to the Amalfi coasts with the car. After you drove around the 30/40 km of the road, I think you can get a sort of PHD of driving! The road is very narrow to be a two-way road, especially ’cause of all the cars parked on the side of the road. In all this, imagine the line buses that pass as close to 1cm to your car. An experience that gets impressed in your mind! 🙂

In the days there, we’ve decided to sleep in Sorrento and to move around (without the car!:)) with the boat.

We had incredible good time in Sorrento and on the Amalfi coast. The family of our bed and breakfast was so kind and friendly!


Pompei was also one of the places I’ve missed in the past to visit, so this time we had the chance to pass a day there.
Going in Pompei is a mix of emotions: on one side the curiosity to visit this place, on the other the melancholy to think about the tragedy that happened and how we are still (after almost 2000 years) so small and unpowerful facing the strength of nature.

The visit in Pompei was even more interesting thanks to a photos and audio exhibition in the Arena about the iconic Live in Pompei from the Pink Floyd in the ’70es.
Then I was so lucky ’cause in all the site there was the exhibition of the Igor Mitoraj sculptures, one of modern artist I admire the most. I think that his sculptures and the location were a perfect match!

Equipment and post processing

Talking about the equipment I’ve used during this trip to that these photos, I’ve shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the Fujifilm X100T. The latter is my favorite for all the night situation since I don’t want to carry a bulky or big camera with me. The size of the X100T for this is perfect. On the X-Pro2 I’ve attached the 10-24mm and the 35mm.

About the post processing of the photos: like my usual workflow, I’ve used Adobe Lightroom to process the raw photos taken with the camera. This time instead of using my enhanced Classic Chrome preset, I’ve used the Fujifilm Astia color profile as a base. I’ve to say that I start to like more and more this picture profile since it gives nice color saturation but still keep the skin and color tones balanced, compared to the over saturated Velvia color profile.

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