This is the second post from the recent trip I had in Marocco in the city of Marrakech (you can read the first part here).

In this post I will go on with the story with other photos taken around the city of Marrakech.

A nice lunch time at “La Famille”

La Famille” is a cozy beautiful place in the hearth of Marrakech. I’ve to say we’ve find this place by causality just walking around!
I remember we were just looking for a small resturant where to have our lunch and we’ve found this beautiful place!

La Famille offer only vegetarian food with healthy drinks (I got a glass of water with mint and lemon in it, delicious!).
The unique characteristic of the place is the nice garden inside the restaurant: the trees are not so present inside the center of Marrakech, so being in this place is like to be in a sort of oasis!
I’ve also appreciated the store in the place where they are selling craftsmanship objects.

On the streets of Marrakech

Here we are on the steets of Marrakech! I love the colors and lights of the city. Like in the first part of the story, I want to point out that the locals are not so happy to be photographed. So remember this when you are in Marocco and you want to take a close portrait of the people around!

Marrakech by night

Marrakech by night is particular but i’ve to say that some roads can get a bit too dark for my tastes: the shops of the Medina close usually around 9/10 pm (even if you can find someone working later than that time) so lot of this old streets get quite dark. Honestly I never felt so in danger walking around those streets in the night, the locals are noisy for the shopping and trying to get some money showing you the road, but I feel it’s not a dangerous place to walk in the night.

One of the places we’ve appreciated in the evening at dinner time was “Le Jardin” a very nice resturant in the center of Marrakech. There we’ve found very good typical food and a beautiful environment where to spent the evening!

Jardin Majorelle and the Blue Majorelle

This garden is one of the most visited place of Marrakech. Is situated outside the old Medina so you’ve to take a Taxi to arrive there.
The story of this place link together two artists of the 19th century: one was the french painter Louis Majorelle, the one that was building the villa in the Marocco’s style with the architect Paul Sinoir and decide to create also beautiful garden with hundreds of different botanic plants.
Louis Majorelle created also a very particular blue that he called “blu Majorelle” and it’s the main color of the house and the decartive parts around the park.

The second artist linked to the villa was the french fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent that acquired the villa and saved it from an abandon state. It’s worth to say that close to this garden it’s going to be a new Yves Saint Laurent museum. The opening is forecast for the 2017.

Talking about the technical side of the photos

The pictures that i’ve published here and on the first part of the story was shoot with the Fuji film X100T and X-Pro2 with the 16mm f/1.4. This setup is very convenient, light to carry and the quality is awesome. I’m always shooting in .raw and I edit the file with Lightroom using mainly the Classic Chrome color profile. The Classic Chrome tends to get a bit muted colors but editing a bit, you can get out some beautiful tones as the pictures shown above.

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