I've always been a big fan of color photography. I am a lover of colors. I greatly admire those artists like Franco Fontana who created some beautiful pictures on the edge of abstraction using a deep and intense color palette. I was also kind of lucky to have started taking pictures in the early 2000s when digital photography was not entering strongly on the market and taking film rolls was still a priority. I remember my first color film shot with a Slide Color Film, the Fuji Sensia. And then I remember the legendary

It's amazing what you can do photographically with a smartphone nowadays . Thinking that the first iPhone has been presented only eight years ago, the evolution of these devices has been phenomenal: the screens got bigger and bigger, processors have become faster and faster, the interfaces and operating systems grown rich in functionalities.

Until few years ago Apple was almost the only player on the smartphone market but this market's advantage changed in recent years thanks to Android smartphones that

I've taken these photographs exactly one year ago in a beautiful and unexpected snowfall in Triest. The city of Triest is used to the strong wind, “Bora”, but it is not so used to see the white snow, especially in the lower part of the city. For this reason was a surprise for everyone to see nearly 20 inches of snow! The images were taken with a mirrorless Samsung Nx-100, captured in .raw and processed with Lightroom. As always I invite to leave your comments about these works in the space below!

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