scheveningen netherlands beach colors photos

Scheveningen, The Netherlands. Between air and sand

Pictures from my last trip to the Netherlands. Photos taken at the Scheveningen beach in Den Haag.
Equipment used: Fuji Xpro2 and Fuji X-T1 with 10-22mm f/4.0Sheveningen-Beach-Photos-Alessandro-Michelazzi-2Sheveningen-Beach-Photos-Alessandro-Michelazzi-2Sheveningen-Beach-Photos-Alessandro-Michelazzi-2Sheveningen-Beach-Photos-Alessandro-Michelazzi-2Sheveningen-Beach-Photos-Alessandro-Michelazzi-2Sheveningen-Beach-Photos-Alessandro-Michelazzi-2Sheveningen-Beach-Photos-Alessandro-Michelazzi-2Sheveningen-Beach-Photos-Alessandro-Michelazzi-2Sheveningen-Beach-Photos-Alessandro-Michelazzi-2Sheveningen-Beach-Photos-Alessandro-Michelazzi-2

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