portrait session in studio colorful

Red and Green, portrait photo session in the studio in Florence

A portrait photo session in the studio in Florence with Lara, working with different color backgrounds: I’ve started with the classical white one that gives a nice diffuse light. Then I want to play with colors so I’ve shoot with the green screen that usually we use for some video cutout. Well, I asked Lara to wear a red t-shirt to get a strong color contrast between the foreground and the backgroud. For this portrait session in the studio I let Lara to pose and turning around the light. I’ve used one continuous Led Light to lit the set.Equipment: Fujifilm X-Pro2 mainly with the 90mm f/2. Then for some shoot I’ve used the 50-140mm. Both the lens are honestly one of the better inside the Fujifilm lens catalogue, but honestly, I like the quality of them all! 🙂

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