Portrait photography in Florence using the Canon 24-105mm zoom lens


Portrait photography in Florence using the Canon 24-105mm zoom lens

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

I am a great lover of natural light and for this occasion, the lighting set-up was absolutely simple: the only available natural light! In fact, I have not even used any reflector panel to lighten up shadows.

I’ve used instead only the light that was reflected from the shadow area.

A note on the cover picture of this post, which is actually my favorite from the entire photo shoot: many times we do not recommend taking a photo from top to bottom as a consequence of perspective distortion.

The fact is absolutely true if I have to take a full figure picture of the model ’cause the head may become huge compared to the body.

In the case of portrait photography, where we focus with more attention on the face, if we notice the possibility of having a nice uniform background, the final picture can become rather interesting without noticing any distortions in body’s perspective.

I’ve used for this session the Canon 5d Mk2 with the 24-105 f/4 lens. Yes, that is one of the rare session I’ve used a zoom lens with a relative not so wide aperture (f/4). But as you can see, the full frame sensor still give a nice background blur when you are enough close to your subject!

Alessandro-Michelazzi-Photo-1 Alessandro-Michelazzi-Photo-2 Alessandro-Michelazzi-Photo-3 Alessandro-Michelazzi-Photo-4 Alessandro-Michelazzi-Photo-5 Alessandro-Michelazzi-Photo-6 Alessandro-Michelazzi-Photo-7 Alessandro-Michelazzi-Photo-8

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