A trip to the North, Part II: Tallinn and Helsinki

Second part of the trip in Northern Europe: in this image galleries I propose the photographs taken in Tallinn and Helsinki. Both Tallinn and Helsinki have impressed me favorably: the two towns are very quiet and clean in the center. You can walk and breathe a very the fresh and crisp air! Tallinn has a historic center that resembles a country in the middle of Bavaria: the influences of the former Soviet regime have disappeared almost completely and the town, being very close to the banks of Finns, is a modern city with great company in the IT segment (for example, Skype was born here) I found Helsinki a great place to live in, thanks to the wide streets and a tram system very efficient, though at the same time is certainly one of the most expensive cities in Europe. In the morning for breakfast, croissant and cappuccino you can easily spend 5 Euro!

To celebrate in a great way my 30th birthday, I planned to do a trip with my friend Andrea. We decided to leave at the begin of August to go the North European Countries. Our first steps were Vilnius and Riga. Vilnius is a bit smaller than Riga and looks a bit more neo-classical, with a great church in the center of the city in that style. In Riga we haven't had great weather, so we couldn't appreciate so much the historical center how we did in Vilnius. We were renting a car in Vilnius: in this way we were able to drove from Vilnius to Riga and then to Tallin. On the road we were stopping on the north sea to take some great photos in that peaceful landscape.

Portrait and Fashion photography in Tallin, Estornia

In a sunny afternoon of August in Tallin we shoot this portfolio photo session with Gerli. Even if it's summer, the temperature is not so high (compared to Italian standard!) and there was a nice and not so strong wind to move a bit the cloth of the model. We found this beautiful architectural construction just facing the sea: inside it there was the right contrast between sun and light, a very good situation to get good black and white photos. For this session I've used the 85mm f/1.4 from Samsung on mirrorless camera. The result was quite amazing, the lens is very good in sharpness and has a very nice bokeh!

Photos of portrait and fashion in Chianti, Tuscany

In this photo session I want to work on a great black and white contrast. I am very fascinated about the work of the great photographer Herb Ritts, and looking to his work as a great source of inspiration: his style is just simply and elegance. So I was trying to work with Anna, to get back a bit of the style of that black and white images. I've shooted all the session with an old Pentax Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4 on the Samsung Mirrorless: the contrast and Bokeh of that lens is something amazing and gives to the black and white an extra boost. We took this photos in the beautiful Chianti's Land in a nice sunny Summer day.

Fashion and portrait photo session at Bilancino Lake, Tuscany

Photo session with Dani at the Bilancino Lake in Tuscany: it’s an artificial lake that is located in the Mugello area close on the heels of the homonymous dam. Leveraging one of the first warm days of the end of May, we decided to organize this photo session and take some photos inside of the lake. The hardest part was to not slip into the water with the camera equipment because the bottom of the lake was quite slippery from the mud below! The images that I propose here are therefore a mixture of those taken in the lake and some taken outside. So I divided the images from those inside the lake produced with a light color postproduction and the one outside with black and white conversion.

Fashion Photography set: a test between Fuji X100, Samsung Nx-200 and Olympus Pen EPL-3

Shooting day with Alina in Rovinj, Crotia. I had to test three different equipments: Fuji x100, Samsung Nx200 with 30mm f/2 and Olympus Pen Epl-3 with 17mm f/2.8. Those three camera are just part of the new revolution in the digital fields. They let you shoot with a pocketable camera but still you can get great results. My intention was to test those camera for a Fashion set.

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