Here are some photos taken with the black model Honey in Florence. I used a " Vintage" lens of the '60s, the excellent Pentax 50mm f/1.4 Super Takumar on a mirrorless body, the ì Samsung Nx -20 . To mount the lens Pentax Super Takumar you need two adapters: the first is a small ring produced by Pentax that converts the attack of the original M42 screw of the lens in a full functional K-Mount .

Here are the photos of the new fashion photo shoot that I did in Croatia. For the location of the shots we chose a former Yugoslav abandoned military base that is located in Pula. It 'really a extremely fascinating location with plenty of space available. We have thus taken advantage of the combination of the old walls with the apertures of light in order to create the right images. For the photo session we used an external flash, one Metz flash controlled via wireless trigger from the camera, in this case a mirrorless camera systema from Samsung, the NX-20.

A Day with Franco Fontana

I had the lucky chance to be part of a day-workshop with the master "Franco Fontana" during Fotoincontri 2013 in San Felice sul Panaro. Fontana is one of the greatest photographer/artist we have in Italy. I admire from long time his work that I find perfect in composition and vibrant with the use of colors. His works transmit emotions and energy. The photographs of Fontana are unique and reflect a personal view of the reality.

Professional Photographs in studio in Florence

New photo session in which we produced also the brand new cinemagraph that you can see below. For this session I want to obtain a nice black and white contrast, so I've used one big soft bank light in the studio. I really love this kind of contrast that get out from the images. For the shooting I've used an old vintage lens: the Pentax Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4. I've found this lens quite amazing for it's age and it's performing extraordinary on the Samsung Nx-20 mirrorless camera.

Cinemagraph in studio in Florence, colors and make up, stills and movements

Cinemagraph photo session with Daniela. In this session we got some cinemagraph and some photograph aimed to publication.
For this session we want to get a colorful make up for beauty shot to show how the cinemagraph technique works here as well. Cinemagraph is a new technique that combines together video and photograhy: at the end a cinemagraph is a still photo this inside some movement. A cinemagraph start usually with a well recorded Video and then we work in post production to freeze or move the selected part we want.

A winter day of late December spend on Como’s Lake in the village of Varenna.

ENG Varenna is one of the village facing the Como’s Lake. I think in this period this village become more interesting than in the summer when it’s populated by many tourists. On these cold winter months you can enjoy a peace and tranquility that are essential ingredients in order to photograph at the best one place and not be disturbed by curious people around.

Holiday on Como's Lake: Photos from Como and Bellagio

A beautiful holiday's break spend in Como. In a cold Italian winter day, there was some foggy clouds: everything became magic when we went on the top of Como's mountain and the clouds was just hiding the landscape creating a sort of mystical landscape. On the second day we spent our morning in the beautiful village of Bellagio.

Travel Photography in Holland: Scheveningen, The Hague, Rotterdam and Gerrit Schreurs Studio

Holland will always have a special place in my heart: there I did my university internship and there I still have lot of very good friends.  Thanks to my visit in Germany for the Photokina exhibition, I had the chance to spend some days in The Netherlands too. I was able to go back in Den Haag to visit the photographer and friend Gerrit Schreurs: his studio gives me always good emotions and I can smell the creative power of the crew working in. I had learned so much during the internship at Gerrit's place, so is always nice to meet him back and show my last works to hear his opinion.

I had the great opportunity to follow the fashion show of the designer Fadi El Khoury during the Swedish Fashion Week in Stockholm. In this gallery I want to tell the story of the preparation the day before the show: Fadi's team was working on last details of the cloths, doing a selective casting of the models. Everything has to look right and there's lot of work to get the perfection. Was nice to see and photograph this preparation and feeling the excitement for the show that was coming the day after.

Peterhof is a palace of the Zar Peter the Great. This beautiful place has a very huge visitable garden and the palace remember the residence of the great emperors like the Versailles palace in France. What amazed me the most was the gold sculptures inside the garden: there was a nice light reflected through the water and bouncing on the gold that creates a great contrast for some black and white images.

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