Ecco le foto scattate durante il workshop che organizzo ogni anno tramite Pixel Square in Croazia. Queste sono le immagini provenienti dalla prima sessione di scatto al mare con la modella Marina della agenzia Tijara. Durante il pomeriggio abbiamo usato principalmente luce naturale e un pannello riflettente 180cm x 120cm per illuminare correttamente la figura quando era anche in controluce. Ho usato per tutta la sessione un'unica lente, il Canon 50mm f/1.4 su 5d Mk2. Postproduzione in Lightroom + Photoshop per ritocco pelle e colore.

Photographs that capture the excitement and fun of a group of friends on a late summer afternoon in Croatia. Shoot with Samsung Nx mirrorless camera and 30mm f/2.
In this post with the photos taken for Julia’s portfolio, rather than on the technique of shooting (also in this chase, just natural light without any reflector panels), I would like to talk about the post-production: the VSCO Cam presets and filters are usually a really very good base, but unfortunately lot of time they take away the autonomy in choosing the correct color you want. If you want to obtain a picture with

ITA Sessione fotografica di ritratto con Danii a Firenze. Sono un grande amante della luce naturale e anche per questa occasione il set-up di illuminazione era davvero molto semplice: la sola luce naturale disponibile! Non ho infatti usato alcun pannello riflettente per schiarire le ombre ma ho sfruttato la sola luce...

A photo session with Azzurra in the Chianti area in Tuscany. This was also an occasion to test the Canon 6d with the smallest lens available to the EF - mount: the 40mm pancake from Canon! It's a very amazing lens considering how small and qualitative is this lens, and the very low price (around 150€) . I really suggest this optics to all the Canon photographers that want to have a small, flexible but qualitative lens always with them!

I've added a portfolio of 40 selected photo I took during my trip to Cuba in 2009. It's always nice to look back at some photos I took some years ago. In the years you change tastes, you improve skills, you learn new things but the photos you love and the ones that for you have a meaning doesn't feel old. There's always something to discover back from your past work!

Come ogni anno, attraverso la struttura Pixel Square, organizziamo un Workshop / Vacanza di fotografia in Croazia. Il tema è incentrato sulla fotografia di ritratto e moda. Quest'anno arriveremo alla quarta edizione! E' una grandissima soddisfazione vedere crescere questo evento anno dopo anno! Potete leggere il programma completo sul sito Pixel Square:
Here's a gallery of photographs I've took during almost three months of use of the Google Nexus 5. Personally I think that the Nexus 5 is the best Android device you can buy under the 350€ price tag and it's having one of the best photo camera available on the market. It's sad to see that the first review on the camera wasn't so pleased about it, the fault was mainly about the poor software of the Camera App that wasn't so perfect. With later Android 4.2.2 update almost all the faults was repaired and the camera app (recently updated with brand new design) works quite good. From a professional photographer view, the strongest selling point of the Google Nexus 5 is the optical stabiliser and the excellent HDR+ mode. I find that the implement of HDR done by Google is the best on the Android market at the moment I write (May 2014), even a bit better than the amazing one you can find on the new Galaxy S5 (soon a review about that too!). One of the advantage of the HDR+ (for this reason I suggest to leave it always on!) is that average
Here are my first impressions on the Photo Camera present on the new Samsung Galaxy S5. I've to say I'm quite amazed of the quality of the color out straight from the camera. The new iso Cell sensor from Samsung maintain the promise to archive better color from the images shoot with modern smartphone. Soon will follow another gallery with my opinion about the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Some photos shoot with Carlotta and the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8. I am not a big fan of the Zoom lens but this Zoom is one of the best of all the Canon lens catalogue. For the postprocess I’ve tried the new VSCO Film Pack number 5, they simulate quite good the old analogue film as Kodak Gold and Agfa Vista.

Series of Photo taken with Olya in Natural Light. As usual in lot of my set, when i want to get a soft contrast light I use the old Pentax Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4. It's an old full manual focus lens. I love if sometimes some of the photos are not perfectly sharp and a bit out of focus. The photos was postprocessed with VSCO Cam Film in Lightroom.

Muggia is a small town located in the province of Trieste; is also the last town you will find before entering in the territory of Slovenia. The place is very interesting for a photo session: with its Venetian influence, Muggia offers as beautiful backdrop for photographs.

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