Here is a quick portrait photo session with Olya. I used only natural light on a cloudy day, the best in order to obtain photographs with soft and low contrast. The light post-production was aimed to strengthen this softness and make a neutral color and bluish/cold feeling as the one of the first autumn days. I took these images with the beautiful Canon lens, the 50mm f/1.2.


Fotografia cucina Italiana: la presentazione del libro della chef Luisanna Messeri

Ecco una lavoro fotografico che ho svolto per la chef Toscana Luisanna Messeri durante la presentazione del suo libro “Te la do io la mia cucina!”. E’ stata una piacevole serata nella quale si sono potuti degustare molti prodotti culinari tipicamente Toscani: una occasione unica quindi per poter assaggiare alcuni tra i migliori piatti della cucina Italiana! Non mancavano durante la serata una ottima selezione di vini, sempre provenienti dalla regione Toscana.

I took this series of images inside the "Gorky Park" in Moscow. Gorky is a very beautiful park, completely renovated two years ago. Thanks to the good weather of Moscow's August, the park is full of life with a lot of people who practice outdoor sports. It is also a beautiful set to take photographs, especially in the construction of the bridge deck. The pedestrian bridge over the Moskva River is truly unique because it is reserved only to the passage of pedestrian, offering very interesting geometrical shapes: that's why I used it in the first shots.

This post follows the first part and the second part of my trip to Russia; in this post I would like to talk more about the lens i’ve used. I took with me on the trip the Samsung 20mm f/2.8, the Samsung 30mm f/2.0 and Pentax 50mm Super Takkumar f/1.4. Both the Samsung lens are very good with the 30mm a bit above the 20mm. Samsung 30mm f/2 is an incredible lens that produce sharp photos with a very good bokeh. This is my favourite lens for taking portraits with a bit of ambient around: the 30mm lens on the Samsung Aps-C body become like a 45mm lens on the full frame, so really close to the standard 50mm. During the trip however i’ve used the most the Samsung 20mm f/2.8: this because it gives

In this article I want to talk a bit more about the equipment I’ve used during my two weeks spend in Moscow. Like I said in the previous post, for the second time in a row I’ve get with me only a mirrorless camera. The mirrorless camera I’ve used during the trip is the Samsung Nx. I’m a big fan of the system since the first mirrorless from Samsung, the Nx100. I think Samsung has the best lens offer in the mirrorless market with great fixed focal lens from 16mm to 85mm. I’ve personal tested all the

First part of photos from my trip in Russia! This is my first time in the beautiful city of Moscow. First thing when just arrived, I was amazed about the traffic on the roads: everyone drive really fast and there’s a lot of traffic and confusion. Some roads are more calm than the bigger road, but in general i notice lot more traffic anarchy than in Europe. By the way my girlfriend Olya is a very good driver and

The shooting session for a photo book with Veronica was a great occasion to test the Sigma 50mm f/1.4.

There's lot of buzz around the web about the Sigma 50mm f/1.4. Someone say it's quite better than the Canon f/1.4, someone says it's even comparable to the superb Canon 50 f/1.2 Well with those consideration in mind I had the chance to do a test with those three lens.

Florence, a very crowded city during the day and a calm city in the night. I would not sing as a "city that never sleep". Florence in the night sleeps well, so it's a great occasion to go out and do some unique photos. Florence by night in my opinion is more beautiful than in the day: you can really walk on the roads, looking at all the world's most famous monuments and sculpture without having thousand of people all around. There's a magic silence and you can breethe the best of the art and let the time pass over the night.

In this situation i did a nice walk in the city with the brand new Fuji X100s. I want to try the performance of the camera with photos at very Iso level. Well, I should say that

Portraits photos in Florence with Mary and Leica m9

On the roads of Florence, doing some portrait photographs with Mary. With this photo shoot I could use the Leica M9 camera with 75mm Summicron. I found the Leica 75mm f/2 Summicron lens very great. In the morning I tested also the Leica 35mm Summilux and whao!, that lens was amazing sharp already at f/1.4. Leica camera is an unique universe starting from

Some clean portrait photography shoot for fashion blogger Fotini: For this photosession I've tried the Samsung 60mm Macro lens with the mirrorless Samsung Nx-20: great combination! All macro lens are usually very sharp, and this Samsung 60mm Macro follows the tradition!) Almost all the picture were shot at maximum aperture of f/2.8. I've used a big softbank light (1m x 80cm) in the studio mainly on the right of the object. There was no bouncing light on the right cause I want to get a good contrast in the picture. The photographs were taken in my studio in Florence. Book and appointment for a shooting in the studio!

ITA Ecco le mie foto della giornata trascorsa con il fotografo di moda Michael David Adams di New York. La location del workshop è stato il bellissimo e unica Hotel Lone a Rovigno in Croazia. L’hotel Lone è davvero molto particolare: il suo design interno ricorda moltissimo il famoso museo Guggenheim di New York. E 'impossibile non innamorasi di questa architettura. Il workshop con Michael David Adams è stata una bellissima esperienza per confrontarsi con un grande nome della fotografia di moda internazionale; lavora principalmente a New York svolgendo servizi fotografici per editoriali. Durante la giornata Michael ci ha spiegato il suo approccio creativo alla scatto, passando dalla pianificazione su carta alla ricerca del giusto mood per lo scatto.

Here are some of my photos of backstage from the Photodays 2013 in Rovinj. I had the chance to be selected for the workshop held by the photographer Michael David Adams from New York. The day was spend taking fashion photos in the beautiful design hotel "Lone" in Rovinj. Was great to work with such nice team, and there was a great athmosphere and creativity in the air! During the day we could shoot with two croatian model and we had the possibility to change twice the cloths following our idea of the style we prefeared. Thanks to everyone and especially to Michael and his wife Vicktoria that did the beautiful make up of the models! In the next post you can see the pictures that I made during the day with Michael David Adams in Rovinj.

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