Lifestyle and street fashion photos taken with Olya in the small park San Michele in Trieste, just below the city's cathedral. I really liked the thick ivy on the wall of the stairs as it formed a great natural background for the pictures! I took these images with the Fuji X100T. I worked in natural light and post processed the .raw files as always in Lightroom.

Slovenia has a beautiful natural area that every year hosts travellers from around the world, attracted by the charm of forests, crystal clear rivers and the huge underground caves. In this context, the Triglav’s park is an excellent destination for a nice and relaxing vacation. There are so many interesting points to take pictures! During our trip we stopped in Tolmin, Kobarid and Bovec following some of the suggested itineraries, such as the one that brings in Tolmiska Korita. The photos below were taken with the Fuji X100T, a very small camera easy to carry with you on all the occasions! A feature that Fuji X100T has and it proved to be very useful is the native ND filter that lowers exposure to 3 stops: I’ve used it in the opening photo of this article. By activating this filter and stepping down the aperture to f/16 you are able to take the photos with the exposure time of one second so you obtain the effect of moving water!

Lake Bled in Slovenia is a small oasis of peace, tranquility and nature. It’s located in the northern part of Slovenia at about 50 kilometers from Ljubljana. In the center of the lake there’s a small island on which stands a church: you can easily reach the island renting a rowboat. Talking about photo equipment, for this holiday in Slovenia I brought back with me an old piece of history of photography: the legendary Pentax 67 with whom I took a couple of Ektachrome 120 film. I'm curious to get back the developments and see the results obtained with this camera! For the pictures below, they have been taken with the lighter and smaller Fuji X100T, which always gives good results, especially in colors!

Photo session in the studio with Veronica. For these pictures I wanted to use both the Fuji X-T1 with the 35mm f/1.4 and the Canon 5D Mk2 with 100mm macro. The big problem I had was with the wireless flash trigger that would not work well with Fuji. Then I’ve worked only with continuous light using the modeling lamp of the flash by lifting a bit the Iso and managing the light i was having. I created the contrast of the last images using only a beauty dish: I love the kind of light that you can get with this modifier!

A photo session that took place around Tuscany’s with Olya. I used only natural light and I’ve looked for the contrasts between lights and shadows. I took all of these photos with Fuji X-T1 and the 35mm f/1.4. I am very satisfied with the color rendering of this camera and this lens. The Fuji camera is very fast and precise focusing too. But the absolute best feature of the X-T1 for me is the quality and size of the electronic viewfinder: once you get used about it, is very difficult to go back!
Who does not love summer? Perhaps is the most beautiful period of the year, when you can spend more time outdoors and organise parties with friends. The photos you see below I made during a day with friends in the middle of the beautiful Chianti Classico in Tuscany. I took all the picturesin natural light with the inseparable Canon 50mm f/1.4 and the 5D MkII. The color toning was given in postproduction with Lightroom with the color profiles of VSCOcam.
During the last Pitti Uomo I was contacted by the fashion blogger Sani Starr who needed to take pictures for his blog and website during the famous Florence’s fair. In the two days scheduled for the photos at Pitti Uomo’s fair, Sani wore two different outfits that were perfectly matching with the theme "Pitticolor" of this edition. As for the photos previously proposed, these images were taken trying the Fuji X-T1 and the 35mm f/1.4, used almost always as open as possible. I also tried shooting with the electronic shutter that allows extremely fast shutter speeds (up to 1 / 32,000 sec!), useful when we want to use large apertures (as in my case f/1.4), and we are dealing with a lot of sun light. Again I was extremely surprised and happy (and Sani it was too!) with Fujifilm color output from photos, which were slightly retouched in contrast and white balance using Adobe Lightroom.
Pitti Uomo in Florence is always a special occasion to photograph all the designers and creative people from the fashion world that comes to Florence; so it's always a special occasion to bringing home some interesting shots. During the fair days I've used the Fuji X-T1 with the 35mm f/1.4 which is equivalent to a classic 50mm in the full frame format.
When Marian contacted me to take pictures in Florence during her recent visit to Italy, on the day chosen for the photo session the weather showed unequivocally the possibility of rain. Heavy rain. Despite all, Marian was enthusiastic about the idea of taking the photos with the rain and the reflections of the city lights on the wet floors. We can look at the positive side of the story: the classical and crowded Florence in a usual afternoon was in this situation almost deserted; we had the chance to shoot without too many tourists around even if our journey was on the classical Florence's places (Piazza Signoria, Uffizi, Via de Calzaiuoli). From the technical side,
Another series of photos taken with the Fuji X100t and the focal converter TCL - X100. As in the previous article, in this case I wanted to try this additional lens to see if it can be a usable solution to any work’s assignment.

I can confirm that the additional lens performs very well indeed! Contrast and colors are very pleasing as with the original 35mm lens of the X100T. Looking at the details

I think it's really amazing what a modern smartphone can do in terms of image quality! I was an happy owner of the Samsung S5 and I consider it a great smartphone, indeed maybe one of the best to take photos when we are in the presence of a good amount of light. One of its weaknesses, however, were the performance in low-light situation. With Note 4, Samsung has greatly improved the situation because it has adopted a optical image stabilizer that helps keep the shutter speeds low: in this way it avoids to
I've always been a big fan of color photography. I am a lover of colors. I greatly admire those artists like Franco Fontana who created some beautiful pictures on the edge of abstraction using a deep and intense color palette. I was also kind of lucky to have started taking pictures in the early 2000s when digital photography was not entering strongly on the market and taking film rolls was still a priority. I remember my first color film shot with a Slide Color Film, the Fuji Sensia. And then I remember the legendary
It's amazing what you can do photographically with a smartphone nowadays. Thinking that the first iPhone has been presented only eight years ago, the evolution of these devices has been phenomenal: the screens got bigger and bigger, processors have become faster and faster, the interfaces and operating systems grew rich in functionalities.

Until a few years ago Apple was almost the only player on the smartphone market but this market's advantage changed in recent years thanks to Android smartphones that

The fair Pitti Uomo in Florence is always a good opportunity to see the fashion trends of the upcoming winter season. It 'also a good time to take pictures of very interesting people that come from all over the world. They definitely take the opportunity of Pitti's fair to put the spotlight on their best (many times the most eccentric!) cloths available. The Pitti's fair usually takes place from Tuesday to Friday and the best days to take the photos are definitely the first two, when you can also find some V.i.p. and some more or less famous people. I remember that three years ago I had the opportunity to meet and take a picture of Scott Schuman, the man behind the website "The Sartorialist", perhaps one of those who helped to create the trend of the fashion bloggers.

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