This is the first video of a series I'm going to upload on Youtube related the fashion retouch in Photoshop for fashion photography. Feel free to ask and comment about the video above! > Keep updated with the latest news and tutorial: subscribe to my newsletter! No spam, only good photos, and interesting new...

Some photos taken for Fadi during the 91th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence. Fadi request me to do some picture for his Instagram account and want some photos in the iconic main square inside the fortezza: that is a very good spot since you can catch all the interesting guests that attend the event during the week!

Today I want to show you the photos I've shoot for Mr. Defustel. Defustel Ndjoko is an Afro-Belgium influencer and fashion consultant that is attending to Pitti Uomo for some years. I had the pleasure to start to collaborate with him for the photos some years ago. Is always a pleasure to work with him: an example of elegance outside and inside!

The florence designer Lucia Ferdinandi contacted me to take some pictures for her brand new collection. Lucia, with her business called "Boudoir d'Autore" propose some interesting collection mixing new styles with elements of mixed culture. I love the jacket called "Bronzino" named after the famous renaissance painter in Florence. For her fashion collections she has some strong connection with the art and painters so for this reason I got inspired to use one light to give a pictorial result. Dress and style: Lucia Ferdinandi Model: Victoriia

This 91th edition of Pitti Uomo has been for me quite busy and with big satisfaction. On one side I was asked to take some photos of friends attending the fair (soon their gallery will come on this blog), on the other side I was developing the Instax Pitti project (link) that has been has been published on the official Pitti Immagine organization website and internationally on PetaPixel, Lomography and Digifoto Pro Netherlands.

For the 91th edition of the male fashion fair "Pitti Immagine Uomo" in Florence, i got the idea to use the Fujifilm Instax film to create a little photo project with some of the visitors.

The idea was to photograph the guests with the Instax camera, then to re-photograph them with the digital camera. The Instax film was going to be a gift for the guest while the digital picture has been published on the official website of the Pitti Immagine Uomo organization.
One of the biggest highlight of this 2016 for me was the opportunity to be the photographer for the Bonollo's brand. Bonollo is an historical brand in Italy.  Since 1908 they are producing the best Italian Grappa; now they have a brand new product called Gra'it, a grappa that from the beginning was created aiming the blending. In this way, talented bartenders have the opportunity to create new interesting cocktails. [gallery special_type="1-2" link="file" size="full" ids="7085,7086,7087"]

A day with Alena and Olya in Calafuria, Tuscany, shooting some lifestyle photos. We had a very wonderful day thanks to a beautiful sun and a very calm day at the coast. It's amazing to think how different this places look in the winter period compared to the overcrowded summer time!

We’re smothered by words, images, and sounds that have no right to exist, that come from the void and return to the void. Of any artist truly deserving of the name we should ask nothing but this act of faith: to learn silence. Federico Fellini, 8 1/2...

This is the second post from the recent trip I had in Marocco in the city of Marrakech (you can read the first part here). In this post I will go on with the story with other photos taken around the city of Marrakech.

A nice lunch time at "La Famille"

"La Famille" is a cozy beautiful place in the hearth of Marrakech. I've to say we've find this place by causality just walking around! I remember we were just looking for a small resturant where to have our lunch and we've found this beautiful place!

With the presentation of the brand new Google Pixel phone, some of you may think that the previous smartphone model, the Nexus 6p, is outdate. Well, that's absolutly not true. Excpecially now that prices for this device are quite lower than last year, you can buy this device for example at for about...

I've been quite surprised about Marrakech. I wasn't expecting to find this colorful place where the street of the old Medina looks like a labyrinth! With this post (and the next one) I will try to get back the memories of this trip with the pictures I've shoot in Marrakech. Like usual...

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