During the last 90th Pitti Uomo in Florence I've developed a photographic project called "#luckymatch" for the Pitti Immagine organization. The project has been pubblished on their official website (here's the link) and now I'm repubblishing it here on my blog. I want to point out that this series has been created as a sort of game where random numbers of the cards given to the person would match another person by casuality. Here are the #luckymatch I've spotted at the last Pitti Uomo event!

This edition of Pitti Uomo has been particularly rich and challenging for me. On the one side I have developed a photo project for Pitti Immagine (published on their website at this link); then I was contacted by the Belgian fashion blogger and influencer Defustel who asked me to follow him photographically during the fair. Was a big pleasure for me 'cause not only he's an icon of style inside the fashion world, then he's also a very kind and positive man!

The End User Event is a conference of 3d graphic arts that is held every year in Utrecht in the Florin Pub. Yes, I know that it can sound silly to held a conference in a Pub but the reason is that the event started as an informal meeting occasion between some 3d artists. In the years the event has grown but it keeps this basic setting and I've to say that it works.

Rotterdam, is the city where I've lived for some years during the time of my internship in the Netherlands, back in the 2009. The city is quite new all around since it has been almost all destroyed after the second world war bombing. In this way Rotterdam was rebuild in a new modern style: the city looks quite different from any other Dutch city. Here you can find new modern skyscrapers, new futuristic buildings as the new central market and interesting squares.

I love to go back to the Netherlands. It's a country that I feel like home since i've passed there many years during my university time: I did my internship in Den Haag (more about it on one of the next post) and I've lived in Rotterdam, so the place has get a piece of my hearth.

Fujifilm continues with his magic touch which allowed to churn out beautiful and, above all, high quality cameras in recent years. The Fuji X100 (in the original version, and the S / T variants) is now almost a legendary series: used worldwide by many professional photographers (and even some celebrities such as Annie Leibovitz and Prince Henry of Wales) is a camera system that has earned a great reputation thanks to the top quality pictures produced, the portability and the objective beauty of the machine itself.

Massimiliano is a friend who was born in the same city as me, Trieste. Massimiliano has lived for eight years in Amsterdam. It's funny 'cause we not know each other from our own city but we've met during an evening organized by the group "Italians abroad" in The Netherlands. By now it was for so many years that we haven't seen each other, and the occasion for our "reunion" was my recent trip to Holland.

This is the second part of the photo shoot I did, working with actor, Kerim Troeller in Florence (you can read the first part here). The set was a bit challenging since Kerim wanted to shoot some pictures with a dark environment on the Giotto’s Tower in Florence at night. The location is quite spectacular but it was a lot of extra effort since we only wanted to use the available light. In our chase for solutions, we used the new LED lighting system of the Duomo coming from outside that gave us just enough light to be able to shoot these images the way I wanted.

I was happy to have been contacted by actor, Kerim Troeller for a photo shoot in Florence. Kerim is an up and coming actor in Hollywood and can be recently seen in director Michael Bay’s; “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”. He also has a film coming out this year called “We Will Part” and is set to star in a few big movies in 2016 that he can’t yet discuss.

These photos published in this article unfortunately arrive with the sad news of the accident yesterday occurred right in the same place I visited just over a week ago in Massa Carrara’s marbe quarries. In the accident that happened, a wall of marble came off sweeping two workers. At the moment the workers are still missing under the rubble. We pray in god that some good news could arrive… [Update on 15/4/16: unlucky the sad news that we didn't want to hear has arrived. The fireman found the bodies lifeless under the stones]

A photo session with Alexa in the studio in Florence. For this pictures I've used only natural light that was coming inside the studio through the huge window we have. It's so nice to work in natural light and I love the shadows and contrasts I can get. It's funny to point that, this kind of direct light entering from the window I can achieve only in the winter months since during the spring and summer the sun is rising on the horizon and the light is coming more perpendicular.

Well, this was a decision I was thinking about from last year. Since I've bought and start to use the Fuji X100T (you can see many post on this site with the tag on the left) I start to love the Fuji philosophy of modern camera with a retro look that mixing the best of the two world: the analogue one with all knobs/gears/settings and the digital one with amazing sensors and a unique look especially with the colors. So after many months of thinking what to do, I've decide to do my switch from Canon: I've bouth the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 as my main camera and the Fujifilm X-T1 as a second one. I've added then all the main Fujion prime lens and the wide lens zoom 10-24mm + the excellent 50-140mm.

It was from a long time that I promise myself to visit Perugia. I've heard quite interesting story from this ancient city. After I've visited it, I can only confirm the positive feedback. Perugia is fabulous: there's many old streets where you can walk and feel the old medieval town. In some way, with the up and down hills and the panoramic view above the city, it reminds me Orvieto, another place that I love.

Ryoki is a Japanese organist. During his staying in Florence he has contact me to take some portrait that he may use for the next theatrical season in Japan. We had great time walking around the city. Ryoki asked me to take photos on the iconic places around the city, so my idea was to start from Piazzale Michelangelo, then to walk to San Miniato in Monte and then down to the old town, stopping in front of ponte Vecchio and in the iconic - fashionable Via de' Tornabuoni street. We ended our photo session in Santo Spirito and in front of Palazzo Pitti. I had great time with Ryoki: Japanese people are always very friendly and very nice to talk with!

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