Gra’it by Bonollo. Shooting day in Venice

Portrait shot in Venice, Italy

Gra’it by Bonollo. Shooting day in Venice

Posted on Dec 7, 2016

One of the biggest highlights of this 2016 for me was the opportunity to be the photographer for the Bonollo’s brand.
Bonollo is a historical brand in Italy.  Since 1908 they are producing the best Italian Grappa; now they have a brand new product called Gra’it, a grappa that from the beginning was created aiming the blending. In this way, talented bartenders have the opportunity to create new interesting cocktails.

My duty, with the help of Gianluca Lisi, was to organize all the shootings and thinking how to visualize the idea behind the brand. The main goal was to advertise the product through two iconic cities as Venice and Florence. In that city we thought then about a theme that has to represent the brand: the Alchemy.

I’m publishing in this first part of the photos, the story and the pictures I’ve taken in Venice at the “Antica Pescheria” and at “Palazzo Abadessa”. The shooting days have been tough since going through Venice with heavy stuff (and on the warm summer days) is never easy, but we’re pleased with the results.
In the next post, it will be second part of the shooting in Venice for Gra’it by Bonollo with the sunrise in San Marco’s square, the Venetian walk at “Ponte dei sospiri”, an elegance morning at the antique “Café Florian” and the amazing visit at the Venini’s foundry with Murano colors.

Locations in Venice
Antica Pescheria
Palazzo Abadessa

Client: Bonollo Spa
Creative and Copy: Gianluca Lisi / Create Group
Make Up: Valeria Azaryonok / Ziziai Showroom
Styling: Giovanna Rizzo / Cherry Blossom Agency
Model: Silvia Bertocchi / Fashion Concept Agency

Technical notes
Photography and edits by Alessandro Michelazzi.
Photos were taken with Fujifilm X-pro2, X-T1. Lens used: 16mm f/1.4, 10-24mm f/4, 56mm f/1.2, 35mm f/1.4.

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