Fujifilm X Raw Studio use explained vs Lightroom: color rendering and details

Fujifilm X Raw Studio use explained vs Lightroom: color rendering and details

Posted on Dec 5, 2017

This post follows my last YouTube video (here on top) in which I’m trying the new Fujifilm X Raw Studio converter.

What I’m covering in the video:
• What is Fujifilm X Raw Studio and why a Fujifilm user should use it?
• Getting started with Fujifilm X Raw Studio: an overview of the interface.
• File handling of the Fujifilm X Raw Studio.
• How it compare Fujifilm X Raw Studio vs Lightroom.
• Astia and Velvia color simulation in Fujifilm X Raw Studio and Lightroom.
• How to export the file from Fujifilm X Raw Studio.
• My own final consideration about Fujifilm X Raw Studio.

On the file below, you can notice the differences in colors and rendering of the details between the Fujifilm X Raw Studio vs Lightroom.

I’ve to say, in my opinion, that there’s no this huge difference between the two software, and Lightroom has an overall advantage on the speed side compared to Fujifilm X Raw Studio!

Waiting to hear your opinion about it in the comments!

Lightroom vs Fuji X Converter Test

   I suggest you to give a look at the learning page where you can find similar video about Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One and other software to edit the photographs:

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  • Peter Fauland
    Posted at 23:01h, 05 December Reply

    Hi Alessandro,

    Thanks for having such a close look at the new software.As you said, it’s the first version and changes/improvements will come soon (as we know FUJIFILM). You should mention that the GFX is also supported right now. This is especially interesting, as Capture One (the preferred .RAF converter for many Photographers when it comes to FUJI files) does not support GFX.RAF files.

    On my wishlist::

    * 16-bit tiff export
    * setting a different EXPORT folder
    * fine-tuning of SHADOWS and HIGHLIGHTS (not only +1,+2, but also maybe +1,3 or 1,6 or even continuous…)
    * ANY camera with X-Processor connected should allow processing of any supported camera.



    • Alessandro Michelazzi
      Posted at 09:46h, 06 December Reply

      Ciao Peter,

      yes, I forgot to say about the amazing GFX that is also supported!
      Well, your wishlist is absolutely shareable to all of us Fujifilm photographers. I would like also a better user interface management in the software and the star/flag to be able to select/filter the photos on the film strip! 🙂

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