The End User Event is a conference of 3d graphic arts that is held every year in Utrecht in the Florin Pub. Yes, I know that it can sound silly to held a conference in a Pub but the reason is that the event started as an informal meeting occasion between some 3d artists. In the years the event has grown but it keeps this basic setting and I’ve to say that it works.For me it was the first time I’ve partecipate to the EUE and it has been a real nice occasion to meet some interesting people in the CGI / VFX world: from the Render Legion Team, the guys behind the powerful Corona Render engine, to Vlado the founder of Chaos Group to many other big names in the industry. The event was a great occasion to meet new friend and exchange some point of view and opinions about the software, workflow and personal stories.
I had great time with my friend, collegue and 3d Artist Vittorio Bonapace. Together we met back our Italian mate Ciro Sannino from Learn V-Ray, ‘cause he was one of the speakers during the conference.
During these days in Utrecht I was quite impressed by the city: was one of the few city I’ve never visited in the Netherlands, so to discover this small but well and health city was a joy. For sure a reason more to come back the next year!

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  1. Andrew Brady Reply

    Very nice pictures .. was a pleasure to meet you @EUE! Success and see you next year perhaps!

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