Cinemagraph: live photos

The Cinemagraph is something new and unique because it isn’t a photograph and it’s not a video: is a new type of media that combines the still of a photograph with the motion of the video. With Cinemagraph you can bring to life a scene in a continuous loop that never ends.
The Cinemgraph attract the user’s attention, creating a strong curiosity on the details that you want to show to your costumers.

The Cinemgraph are now compatible with any device, from computers to mobile devices ( iOS / Android / Windows ). The Cinemgraph can also be shared on any social network: they are visible on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+.

Alessandro Michelazzi Studio started to work with Cinemgraph at the end of 2011: in this way we can consider ourself as pioneers of this unique form of art and communication.