Cgi photo realistic rendering

With 15 years of experience in the professional photography and studio lighting techniques, Alessandro Michelazzi Studio applies those skills in the virtual world of the 3d-CGI rendering to produce high-quality images for the clients.

3d-CGI rendering offers major advantages to many fields. With a special eye for details and attention to all the aspect of the product, the studio target is luxury and interiors, design and prototyping, jewelry and automotive.

Team Skills

Modeling is the process in witch the studio build the virtual 3d object following the client needs. We are able to generate the virtual 3d object starting from a raw sketch done by the clients. In the same way, we can work with 3d exported models or 3D CAD data provided.

Lighting in the CGI-rendering is for us the most important part of the process. Since we are talking about the photorealistic approach we deal with our renders as a “virtual” photographer: understand where the lights can give tridimensionality and depth to the image is a key aspect of getting strong and emotional images.

Rendering process itself embrace a lot of different aspects: from definitions of the materials and surface of the object in the virtual world to match the propriety of the real world one, to the decision of the correct focal width and f/ stop aperture to get the right photo-realistic image.

3d – Cgi Process

3d graphic work alessandro michelazzi studio firenze
3d graphic work alessandro michelazzi studio firenze

Examples of the 3d object that the studio model for a client. The process started with the idea given to us by the designer.

In general, we work with sketches or sometimes with basic Sketchup file provided by the clients.

Then the studio work on redesign the object and rebuilding all the details that give back a photo-realistic result.


Lighting for us is one of the key aspects to get a very strong final image. Light gives the right mood to the image and the deep of the story to tell.
Here’s a breakdown of the lighting we used for one of the Libera images.

alessandro michelazzi studio photo realistic rendering
alessandro michelazzi studio photo realistic rendering

Custom studio HDRI maps

One of the strongest points of our studio is our photographic background.

We really believe that CGI-rendering is just a new form of photography. With this approach in mind, the studio developed over the years his own skills and equipment to be able to capture any real environment and use it a source of light and reflection in the virtual world.

With our ad-hoc HDRI maps we can place an object in any real space giving the illusion that the object itself was photographed on that location.

alessandro michelazzi studio rendering foto realistici firenze
alessandro michelazzi studio rendering foto realistici firenze
alessandro michelazzi studio rendering foto realistici firenze

An example of custom HDRI map captured in front of one the most famous museum in the world: the Uffizi museum in Florence.

To be able to record all the lighting of the place, we shoot usually each point of view of the 360-degree photo with about 9 to 10 stop of exposure.

Then the backplate photos shoot by our team in the location will provide the correct virtual backdrop to place the final object.

You can see in the image below, a group of glorious vintage Fiat 500 cars placed under the Uffizi thanks to the CGI-rendering technique!

alessandro michelazzi studio rendering foto realistici firenze

Selected Cgi Rendering works

Check out some of our last client and projects with CGI-rendering technique.

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