With the presentation of the brand new Google Pixel phone, some of you may think that the previous smartphone model, the Nexus 6p, is outdate. Well, that's absolutly not true. Excpecially now that prices for this device are quite lower than last year, you can buy this device for example at stockisti.com for about 400€ (the 64 gbyte version!). So how this device performs on the camera side? Let's see in this Nexus 6p photo review! [I want to thanks androidworld.it for the collaboration, giving this device for the test]

Here's my Huawei P9 photo test and review, a smartphone that create much interest in the photography market thanks to the collaboration with a historical brand as Leica. Huawei with P9 has focused on the photographic industry, a field that now seems to move of choice for users interests: photography with smartphones is gaining for years in interest for the users, replacing the segment of compact camera and is going to affect also the sales of  SLR and mirrorless camera:

These photos published in this article unfortunately arrive with the sad news of the accident yesterday occurred right in the same place I visited just over a week ago in Massa Carrara’s marbe quarries. In the accident that happened, a wall of marble came off sweeping two workers. At the moment the workers are still missing under the rubble. We pray in god that some good news could arrive… [Update on 15/4/16: unlucky the sad news that we didn't want to hear has arrived. The fireman found the bodies lifeless under the stones]

Who does not love summer? Perhaps is the most beautiful period of the year, when you can spend more time outdoors and organise parties with friends. The photos you see below I made during a day with friends in the middle of the beautiful Chianti Classico in Tuscany. I took all the picturesin natural light with the inseparable Canon 50mm f/1.4 and the 5D MkII. The color toning was given in postproduction with Lightroom with the color profiles of VSCOcam.

When Marian contacted me to take pictures in Florence during her recent visit to Italy, on the day chosen for the photo session the weather showed unequivocally the possibility of rain. Heavy rain. Despite all, Marian was enthusiastic about the idea of taking the photos with the rain and the reflections of the city lights on the wet floors. We can look at the positive side of the story: the classical and crowded Florence in a usual afternoon was in this situation almost deserted; we had the chance to shoot without too many tourists around even if our journey was on the classical Florence's places (Piazza Signoria, Uffizi, Via de Calzaiuoli). From the technical side,

I think it's really amazing what a modern smartphone can do in terms of image quality! I was an happy owner of the Samsung S5 and I consider it a great smartphone, indeed maybe one of the best to take photos when we are in the presence of a good amount of light. One of its weaknesses, however, were the performance in low-light situation. With Note 4, Samsung has greatly improved the situation because it has adopted a optical image stabilizer that helps keep the shutter speeds low: in this way it avoids to

A photo session with Azzurra in the Chianti area in Tuscany. This was also an occasion to test the Canon 6d with the smallest lens available to the EF - mount: the 40mm pancake from Canon! It's a very amazing lens considering how small and qualitative is this lens, and the very low price (around 150€) . I really suggest this optics to all the Canon photographers that want to have a small, flexible but qualitative lens always with them!


Mondiali di Ciclismo su Strada 2013, fotografie per il gruppo Assicurazioni Generali

Durante i mondiali di ciclismo 2013 in Toscana, ho documentato fotograficamente l’evento per il gruppo Assicurazioni Generali. Le fotografie che propongo qui sono alcune delle immagini legate all’attività di Assicurazioni Generali svolte durante la settimana dell’evento e alcune immagini durante le fasi agonistiche delle gare. Assicurazioni Generali è stato uno degli sponsor principali dell’evento: il lavoro fotografico svolto

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