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I’ve been quite surprised about Marrakech. I wasn’t expecting to find this colorful place where the street of the old Medina looks like a labyrinth! With this post (and the next one) I will try to…

Rotterdam, a view back to the city I’ve lived in

Rotterdam, is the city where I’ve lived for some years during the time of my internship in the Netherlands, back in the 2009. The city is quite new all around since it has been almost all destroyed after the second world war bombing. In this way Rotterdam was rebuild in a new modern style: the city looks quite different from any other Dutch city. Here you can find new modern skyscrapers, new futuristic buildings as the new central market and interesting squares.

Barberia Italiana, Italian Barbeer Shop in Amsterdam

Massimiliano is a friend who was born in the same city as me, Trieste. Massimiliano has lived for eight years in Amsterdam. It’s funny ‘cause we not know each other from our own city but we’ve met during an evening organized by the group “Italians abroad” in The Netherlands. By now it was for so many years that we haven’t seen each other, and the occasion for our “reunion” was my recent trip to Holland.

A photographic tour inside the marble’s querries in Carrara, Italy. Let’s see together the panoramic view inside the worldwide famous querries from where come the most important marble in the world!

A trip to Canada (with Samsung Galaxy S6)

Recently in October I had the big satisfaction to be invited in Canada from my friend Igor, co-founder of MiniMax company. They are one of the sponsors for the Calgary Film Festival. I was in charge to take some photos during the closing ceremony (you can see the photos of the event at this link here).
Well, my trip there was off course a great moment to travel a bit around and discover the beautiful nature of Canada. So my main visit during those days was at Banff National park: it’s a very wide area that offers some amazing views over lakes (like Lake Louise) and unique ski resort places for winter sports.

Calgary Film Festival October 2015

ITA Sono stato davvero fortunato ed orgoglioso di essere stato invitato dai miei amici Igor & Igor di MiniMax Group al Festival del Cinema a Calgary in Canada. In questo maniera ho avuto la possibilità di scattare delle foto a tutti gli ospiti speciali dall’ultima serata di gala. / ENG I’ve been so lucky and proud to be invited from my friends Igor&Igor of MiniMax Group at the Calgary Film Festival. In this way I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the special guests from the last gala’s evening.

Slovenia Nature

ITA: La Slovenia ha un territorio naturale bellissimo che ospita ogni anno viaggiatori da tutto il mondo, richiamati dal fascino delle foreste, dei corsi d’acqua cristallini e dalle imponenti grotte sotterranee. / ENG: Slovenia has a beautiful natural area that every year hosts travellers from around the world, attracted by the charm of forests, crystal clear rivers and the huge underground caves.