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#Instapitti. A photo project using the Instax camera at male fashion fair, 91th Pitti Uomo.

For the 91th edition of the male fashion fair “Pitti Immagine Uomo” in Florence, i got the idea to use the Fujifilm Instax film to create a little photo project with some of the visitors.

The idea was to photograph the guests with the Instax camera, then to re-photograph them with the digital camera. The Instax film was going to be a gift for the guest while the digital picture has been published on the official website of the Pitti Immagine Uomo organization.

During the last 90th Pitti Uomo in Florence I’ve developed a photographic project called “#luckymatch” for the Pitti Immagine organization. The project has been pubblished on their official website (here’s the link) and now I’m…

Portraits from 89 Pitti Uomo Firenze

Pitti Uomo in Firenze is always a great occasion to meet some interesting people and get back home with some nice and colorful pictures!
This winter season, for the 89 Pitti edition I had also a guest from Germany, the designer Beata Baumgartner with her brand “Baumondi“. Together we are setting an important collaboration dealing all the aspect of the photo/video and graphic communication. So she was very pleased to be able to meet Mr. Scott Schuman aka “The Sartorialist” and take a picture with him as well!

I’m so glad to have meet again nice and familiar faces for Pitti Uomo as Mr.Defustel and to have meet the redactor of Japanese magazine Men’s Ex!

Talking technically about the photos: I’ve used the loved and comfortable Fuji X100T with the TCL-X100 teleconverter for some pictures of close portraits. Yes, is the same combination that I’ve used exactly last year for the previous winter edition of Pitti Uomo. I’ve appreciated more and more this amazing combination: the X100T itself with the 23m f/2.0 (equivalent to 35mm on full frame) offers a great lens for wider portait when you want to show a bit more the place around. Then the TCL-X100 teleconvert let you focus more on the portrait like a real 50mm. There’s a little sidedown with the autofocus speed, but that I would say is just a bit the weak point of the amazing small Fuji camera, but honestly for my type of work I never had problem about it.

Here are my pictures taken in those days!

Note: Click on the photo to see it full screen also on mobile device, you can scroll swiping the images ]

Firenze 89 Pitti Uomo Fashion PhotographyFirenze-89-Pitti-Uomo-Fashion-Photography-1Firenze-89-Pitti-Uomo-Fashion-Photography-40

Love the look of these Gentlemans!


Mr. Defustel from Belgium, is always nice to meet back at Pitti Uomo in Florence!


Yes, you can guess too, why this guy was walking with shoes in hands? 😀
Not only male fashion! There’s lot of great lady too!


Love the colors of this outfit!

Firenze-89-Pitti-Uomo-Fashion-Photography-26Firenze-89-Pitti-Uomo-Fashion-Photography-25 Firenze-89-Pitti-Uomo-Fashion-Photography-24

The Editors of Men’s Ex, Japanese fashion magazine


Yes, this girl is using an amazing camera! 🙂 The Fuji X100T, the same I’ve used for the photo you see here!


One of the most colorful outfit of the show!
Beata and Nevio, a very kind and funny person!


The designer Beata Baumgartner with Mr. Scott Schuman, Aka “The Sartorialist”
Yes, Pitti Uomo is always quite crowded!

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87 Pitti Uomo Firenze / Photos, life and people. Fuji X100T and TCL-X100 teleconverter test

The fair Pitti Uomo in Florence is always a good opportunity to see the fashion trends of the upcoming winter season. It ‘also a good time to take pictures of very interesting people that come from all over the world. They definitely take the opportunity of Pitti’s fair to put the spotlight on their best (many times the most eccentric!) cloths available.
The Pitti’s fair usually takes place from Tuesday to Friday and the best days to take the photos are definitely the first two, when you can also find some V.i.p. and some more or less famous people. I remember that three years ago I had the opportunity to meet and take a picture of Scott Schuman, the man behind the website “The Sartorialist“, perhaps one of those who helped to create the trend of the fashion bloggers.